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101. Tags

Six Apart Pronet Plugin Directory, Plugins, 10 KB, 45 words

This plugin for Movable Type (version 3.16 or higher) lets you use the Keywords field to enter tags to describe your entries. Tags are automatically published as category archives and new tags automatically create the appropriate category when the entry is published.

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102. Customizing the Movable Type Interface

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 198 words

We've just posted the newest article to the Professional Network site: Customizing Movable Type's Interface with Application Templates. As we mentioned when Movable Type 3.16 was released, our support for custom application templates has been beefed up in current releases of Movable Type. This new article discusses how application templates work, why you'd want to make use of them, and some examples of how they've already been deployed.

From the article:

If you're looking for inspiration: Take a look at the work that's already been released in the community. Alex Sancho created a liquid template for displaying Movable Type's interface, letting the information in the application reflow...

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103. Before and After

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 85 words

Jay Kerr's posted a quick overview of the Yorkminster Park Baptist Church site which JAK Media has redesigned over the past 10 months. It's a classic makeover, moving the old site to a new presentation that's valid XHTML and CSS. But the overall effect and its impact is especially dramatic when compared to the old church site.


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104. What's Up? Docs.

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 78 words

Just another one of the many little fixes in Movable Type 3.16 that should help ProNet members keep their sanity: The configuration settings documentation now covers every setting that you can modify in your mt.cfg file.

Thanks to John Gruber and Phil Ringnalda for the reminder to document all these options.


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105. Brad Fitzpatrick at the MySQL Users Conference

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 102 words

If you're attending the MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara this week, you'll want to check out the presentation that our own Brad Fitzpatrick is giving tomorrow. He'll be covering a lot of lessons learned while building the LiveJournal community, and covering topics such as when to use the filesystem vs. when to use a database. You can read a full description of the presentation on the conference website.


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106. Brad Choate on Tags for Movable Type

Six Apart Pronet Articles, Tutorials, 11 KB, 878 words

With the newest addition to our collection of Power Tools, we've made some interesting new functionality available for Movable Type users. The Tags plugin lets you easily add tags to your Movable Type entries, by modifying the Keyword entry field to allow you to enter tags, and automatically creating categories for each of the tags you submit. Creating archives for tags or including the tags in your XML feeds then becomes simple.

The Tags plugin also makes use of Movable Type's alternate application template functionality.

Brad Choate is one of our developers on the Movable Type team, and long before that he was a member of the Movable Type development community. Brad created Tags both in response to demand for a better user experience for labeling content and to show off some of the newly-polished features in Movable Type....

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