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1. Easy Amazon Links

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 45 KB, 948 words

If you're lazy like me, you'd like to link to Amazon items and put your associate ID in there, but who remembers that URL format? With publishing systems like Movable Type, you shouldn't have to remember, so let's make MT do the work for us.

Ingredients: • 1 MT-Macro plugin • 1 MT-IfEmpty plugin • 1 MT-Regex plugin


Define a pattern to match the Amazon URL (today they use the… So we use this to transform the regular Amazon link into an associate link: <$MTSetVar name="amazon_id"...

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2. Amazon DevCon

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 137 words

Amazon DevCon is an event Amazon is hosting for their internal developers. The Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Team is live-blogging this excellent series of presentations on their Amazon Web Services Blog, which is powered by TypePad. There's also a Japanese version of the AWS blog.

The transcripts being posted are a must-read if you want to hear from the technologists who are influencing Amazon's developers. Niall Kennedy has collected some great excerpts from the presentations.

And if you're looking for a cool way to make use of Amazon's web services within Movable Type, the BookQueueToo plugin discussed earlier this week shows some best practices for integrating AWS into...

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3. Share the Love - through

Learning Movable Type, News, 14 KB, 208 words

Many weblogs have book lists that are tied to an Amazon associate program wherein the blog author gets a small referral fee when you purchase a book from a click on their weblog. So this holiday season, give your favorite blogger a gift, with no cost to you, by clicking on book or CD link listed on your favorite blog to get to when you make your holiday purchases.

By the way, if you already are an Amazon Associate, did you know that you don't get any credit when you make purchases from your own associates link? At the end of the quarter, Amazon deducts fees from purchases that you made using your own associates link. Yet another reason to share the love and use links from...

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4. Looking into Amazon's web services

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 173 words

InternetWeek has an in-depth look at the evolution of Amazon's web services platform. With some good insights from Jeff Barr, the program manager for Amazon Web Services, there's a lot that can be learned both about working with the web services and about scaling a service as popular as AWS.

There are some good examples from the AWS community which make it easy to build on the platform as well, such as Elena Dykhno's AWS Zone, which includes extensive code samples and examples, and Alan Taylor's terrific Amazon Light, which binds a whole stack of web services together into one comprehensive application.

What's especially interesting about these web services is not just that they can...

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5. Amazon Wishlists come to TypePad

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 86 words

The TypePad team has just added an elegant new way to include your Amazon wishlist on your TypePad weblog. There's a slick display of images of items from your wishlist, and a simple interface for looking up your list just by entering in your email. With the holidays in full swing, you'll want to update your TypePad site post haste.


Previous Entry: Movable Type 3.14 released

Next Entry: Bearskinrug

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6. Way too many games

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 54 KB, 1844 words

Ok, my games index is now live. It's a fairly complete list, although I know there are a bunch of DOS games that aren't on there just because I don't have them with me anymore (they're at home with Mom and Dad collecting dust). Anyway have a peek. If you're geographically nearby let me know if you'd like to borrow something. (While I'm at it, I might as well make this a Movable Type tip-- click the 'more' link for the goods.)


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7. Movable Type 3.1

Movalog, News, 28 KB, 1222 words

After talking to Brad about the new version of MT, I felt it deserves a whole blog post about it just to talk about how amazing it is and get rid of all this excitement building up in me

First of, David's Subcats being built into the application. Well I knew it ! In #mt-plugins, David told me and a few others that he would not be entering his plugin into the contest - on further questioning he said that there was another party involved. Well once he said that it wasn't too hard to guess the right answer and we were helped by the fact that when he guessed it he either changed the topic or kept quiet ! Never-the-less I am very excited about this because Sub Categories are vital for many...

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8. How to Make Money with Your Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 35 KB, 2619 words

If you are putting hours into writing content for your blog, you may want to make a few bucks (or more) to help pay for hosting charges and other costs associated with running it. Some bloggers find that they can make more than just small change, but most not enough to quit their day job. In any case, here are a few of the more popular methods.

Several ways by which you can make money with your weblog include Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, various other affiliate programs, advertising, and donations. Keep in mind that the success of these programs is highly dependent upon your content and the level of traffic you get to your site.

Google Adsense

Since its launch in the spring...

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9. File Not Found

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 29 KB, 585 words

The Amazon Associates program allows you to receive a sales commission from the sale of Amazon products that you promote on your website. The easiest way to take advantage of the Amazon Associates program is to use Amazon's Build Links feature to build some simple links to specific products or groups of products. If you don't want to use the graphical ads that Amazon provides, you can customize the link and select a basic display to get the specific URL for the product you want. also allows developers to tap directly into its product database through Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to simple product links, as an Amazon Associate, you can use a number of scripts,...

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11. LMT Links

Learning Movable Type, Links, 43 KB, 2483 words

by Category | by Date


Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist - MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist Birdhouse notes on Comment Spam - Why this web host is forcing comment registration Blacklist to Mod Security - by Peter Wood Brad Choate: SpamLookup - anti-spam plugin Interview with a Comment Spammer - The Register's interview with a blog comment spammer. MT-Approval Plugin - Prevents comment spam from spam bots MT-DSBL Open Proxy Comment Filter - from Brad Choate MT-Moderate - Plugin for moderating trackbacks and comments from Chad Everett Mod Rewrite to Block Bot Spam - Mod Rewrite method to divert comment spam bots to a 403...

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12. Movable Type 3 Bible - Book Review

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 24 KB, 1251 words

Several months ago, author Rogers Cadenhead released the first book detailing MT3 - the Movable Type 3 Bible Desktop Edition. Since Anil mentioned the book in a MT news post on MT books, I thought I would put my 2 cents in about this book.

The first thing you should know is that the MT3 Bible is not a book for non-technically-oriented beginners. The book is filled with great information, but if you are looking for the simplified introduction to Movable Type, this isn't it. Many of Roger's instructions are in the form of Unix shell commands that you would use to manage files on a web server. In fact, the book's second chapter is on how to prepare your web server for Movable Type. If...

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13. Blog Maintenance

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 26 KB, 1364 words

Movable Type weblogs require some level of maintenance, beyond just adding new content. Here are some suggestions that can help keep your blog running smoothly. If you have other suggestions not on this list, please let us know in the comments section.

Dead Links

If you link to any other websites from your blog, and or have comments or TrackBacks enabled, you need to periodically scan your site to make sure that your external links are still active. Links with URLs that are no longer valid give a "404" server error when someone clicks on them.

One of the biggest deadlink culprits can come from TrackBack links. Periodically click on the "TrackBack" button on the left side of...

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14. Multiple Authors

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 28 KB, 1691 words

Warning: main(/home/elise/public_html/mt/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/eliseb/public_html/archives/001012multiple_authors.php on line 90 Warning: main(): Failed opening '/home/elise/public_html/mt/' for inclusion (include_path='') in /home/eliseb/public_html/archives/001012multiple_authors.php on line 90

With MT you can have multiple authors on the same weblog, making it easy to have a friend contribute to your blog as a "guest author" or to create a group weblog to which many people contribute. You can even customize to a small degree, aspects of the author-specific Individual Entry pages.

Adding an Author

To add an author in MT 3.2...

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15. Blogger Audioblogging with Movable Type

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1653 words

This tutorial is written by LMT guest author Lance McCord of and Perpwalk

Including audio content on a blog is easiest when you can phone it in. Authors who use Blogger to manage their sites have free access to Audioblogger, a service that lets users dial a phone number and leave their audioblog content like a voicemail message. This content shows up on the user's blog as an image linked to an mp3 hosted on

Similar services (like audblog) are available for a fee, but with a little effort (and a very little bit of PHP) you can have the free benefit of this Blogger service on your Movable Type sidebar. For this to work, you must publish your Movable...

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16. Announcements

Learning Movable Type, News, 60 KB, 4295 words

Learning Movable Type is now hosted on a new server and now has its own domain name - In the process of changing servers and changing URLs, we may have created some broken links or other site hiccups. If you encounter something that just doesn't seem to be working properly, please email me using the contact form.

Humongous thanks to Chad and Arvind for their invaluable assistance with this move.

If you link to Learning Movable Type (and we hope you do) please, please, please change the URL in your link to the new one. That way, Google will find us more easily, and those using Google to find things regarding Movable Type will find us more easily too....

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17. MT-Textile does that???

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 100 KB, 3747 words

Things you probably didn't realize you could do with MT-Textile 2: • Hyperlinks for Amazon, IMDB and Google searches. For example (search term can be placed after the last ‘:', or will default to the hyperlinked text): • "James Bond":imdb:Sean+Connery becomes James Bond • "Tangerine Dream":amazon becomes Tangerine Dream • "Movable Type":google becomes Movable Type • ["MT plugins by Brad Choate":google:movable type plugin choate] becomes MT plugins by Brad Choate • Float images to the left and right; center stuff too: • !>/images/me.jpg! (floats...

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18. Typepad or Movable Type?

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 23 KB, 1717 words

People who want to start blogging often ask me which tool they should use, Typepad or Movable Type? 9 times out of 10 my answer is Typepad. That's odd, you might think coming from someone who runs a blog all about Movable Type. The answer has more to do with who is asking the question than the relative merits of either program. Both products are created by the team at Six Apart and both are based on the same technology. The main difference between the two is that Typepad is a fee-based hosted service and Movable Type is software that you license to run on your own server or web host. The reason that I more often recommend Typepad is that, unlike Movable Type, you don't have to...

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19. New web services to play with

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 208 words

There's a host of cool new web services that have just come online for developers to build on top of. First, Amazon's expanded their existing web services into the Amazon E-Commerce Service, which includes much more information than the existing version 3.0 of their web services platform, as well as more flexibility in retrieving results.

Also from Amazon is their Alexa group's Alexa Web Info Service, which gives programmatic access to the enormous (over 4 billion pages!) database of information that Alexa's captured, letting you access most of the information that was previously ony available through the Alexa toolbar.

And Paul Bausch, the author of Amazon Hacks, gives some more...

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20. MTIfEmpty

Brad Choate, Plugins, 114 KB, 4017 words

Update: A 2.01 release of MT-IfEmpty is now available, which mainly adds support for dynamic publishing in MT 3.1x.

You can download this plugin here:

Usage: <MTIfEmpty var="EntryTitle">(untitled)</MTIfEmpty> <$MTEntryTitle$>

Embedded expression support works like this: <MTIfNotEmpty expr="[MTEntries days='1']1[/MTEntries]"> We...

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