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61. How Do You Upgrade Movable Type?

Don't Back Down, Tutorials, 9 KB, 610 words

Neil has apparently turned the corner with his second upgrade of the 3.2 beta. The first didn't go quite so well. This is a conversation that pops up all over the place when this sort of thing comes up. Invariably there are problems and everyone is scrambling to get back to where they were. With Movable Type, I don't understand.

This is because of the easy configuration of the product. All you need is a little extra space on your account, an extra MySQL database and a text editor.

When I get a new upgrade, even one that is a tiny upgrade that's said not to need any major changes, I take that upgrade and compare the files to the ones from the currently running version. Typically...

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63. 1.2 (2001.11.04)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 25 KB, 860 words

1.2 (2001.11.04)

• Fixed bug when system's crypt implementation uses MD5 passwords (MT was not picking up the proper salt). (Monica Reyes) • Added form-validity checking to mt-comments.cgi for checking email address and URL. (Aaron Straup Cope) • Set $CGI::POST_MAX to 1MB, which means that uploads must be 1MB or less, to prevent denial of service attacks. (Aaron Straup Cope) • Added mt-export.cgi, which will export all of your MT entries into a format that can be suitably re-imported through the import mechanism. It is also useful for keeping backups...

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64. Upload HTML Modifications

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 28 KB, 554 words


How do I modify the HTML code that is used for uploaded files?


You can make changes to the page in which popup images display by modifying the Uploaded Image Popup Template, listed on the Templates : System tab1.

If you wish to make changes to the HTML which appears in the Entry Body field for the uploaded image, this must be done directly in the Movable Type source code.

Please note that you must be comfortable with Perl in order to make these changes, as support staff cannot provide assistance with modifications to the...

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65. Uploaded Images

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 701 words

Gautam Patel asks

I want to upload images but there is some html I want generated in each image invariably (not just the standard stuff) -- for example border="0" or align="left" or whatever. How do I hack the MT tmpl files/scripts to do this?

Open the file lib/MT/App/ and around line 1902, find the following

my $link = $thumb ? qq(<img src="$thumb" width="$thumb_width" height="$thumb_height" border="0" />) : "View image";

As you can see, for the most part it is simple HTML. To align left, just add the attribute like this

my $link = $thumb ? qq(<img src="$thumb" width="$thumb_width" height="$thumb_height" border="0" align="left" />) : "View image";

There are two other lines you...

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66. A Safe Way to Upgrade to MT 3.2

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 42 KB, 3595 words

Upgrading or installing Movable Type can be rather intimidating. There are few things I have screwed up so badly attempting, even when they say it is super easy, idiot-proof. I always seem to be the idiot who still can't make it work. I have now upgraded two separate MT installs to MT 3.2 and thought I would share my notes with you. Please note that Jay Allen (Product Manager of Movable Type), Chad Everett (of Don't Back Down and Everitz Consulting), and Arvind Satyanarayan ( Movalog) have all helped me at various stages in upgrading, and if I didn't have friends who knew what they were doing, honestly I just wouldn't attempt this on my own. But that's me, and I have over 20 blogs...

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67. 3.2 (2005.08.25)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 45 KB, 3336 words

3.2 (2005.08.25)

Major Features

• New dead-simple AJAX-powered installation/upgrade process (see screencast demo) which replaces mt-load.cgi and all mt-upgrade* scripts. Also eliminated the upgrade distribution since only the config file would be different. • Combined mt.cfg and mt-db-pass.cgi into mt-config.cgi. Shipping as mt-config.cgi-original so as to prevent overwriting when upgrading. • Introduced the new System Overview section which allows administrators to configure and manage aspects of the system across all weblogs • Introduced a plugin-based feedback rating framework which scores comments and TrackBacks upon submission on a scale from -10 (least desirable) to 10 (most desirable)...

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68. Better Living Through XHTML

A List Apart, Tutorials, 31 KB, 3981 words

An unauthorized companion to the Online Style Guide of the Branch Libraries of The New York Public Library

XHTML is the standard markup language for web documents and the successor to HTML 4. A mixture of classic (HTML) and cutting–edge (XML), this hybrid language looks and works much like HTML but is based on XML, the web's "super" markup language, and brings web pages many of XML's benefits, as enumerated by the Online Style Guide of the Branch Libraries of The New York Public Library.

If you want your site to work well in today's browsers and non–traditional devices, and to continue to work well in tomorrow's, it's a good...

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69. Sanitize Plugin

Brad Choate, Plugins, 119 KB, 4682 words

This plugin has been deprecated. The Santize plugin was incorporated (and extended) into Movable Type 2.6. For more information about this and how you would go about uninstalling this plugin, please read this article.

Sanitize is a Movable Type plugin that allows you to clean HTML and other markup that might exist in an comment entry. Read on for more information about how it works and what it's for. If you're using Movable Type and allow HTML comments on your site, you really need to read this...


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70. MT-DSBL - Open proxy comment filter

Brad Choate, Plugins, 143 KB, 5586 words

DSBL is dead. Long live SpamLookup.

I happened across a WordPress plugin for checking the IP of a commenter against list and it was one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. So naturally, I ported it to MT.


Requirements: Movable Type 3.1 or later (since it uses the MT 3 callback system and I think the ones I'm using here are new with 3.1). You should also have the CPAN Net::DNS package installed. It can also use the nslookup utility, but it's less efficient that way.

Installation is easy, just drop either or...

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71. ProNet: August 2005 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 58 KB, 5621 words


Simple Example Templates for Movable Type 3.2

Chris Vannoy has posted some simple Movable Type templates based on the new default templates in Movable Type, but with much of the XHTML structure stripped out so they're easier to read. As Chris explains in his following post, they're not designed to be used on an actual site, since the styling would be pretty ugly by default, but they're a useful basis for creating your own completely custom design if you just need a place to get started.

We'll be producing additional documentation about all the new abilities that templates and styles have in Movable Type 3.2, but this is a great place to start if you...

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72. Doing your whole site with MT

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 156 KB, 6962 words

Matt Haughey has a great article on how he uses Movable Type to do it all (apparently, Kottke does too… can't wait to see his article).

Anyhow, I wanted to share a tidbit in that vein. I've just set this up recently, and I'm in the process of moving the rest of my static content to use it. What I did: • Created a new Movable Type blog and named it " Static Content". • Deleted all the Index templates. • Deleted all the archive templates, except for the Individual archive template. • Made sure individual archives were enabled. • Made the archive path the root...

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73. Changelog Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 216 KB, 20293 words

• Initial beta release

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0.02 (2001.09.25)

• Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky) • Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)...

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