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22. Configure Active Plugins

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1012 words

I find the Configure Active Plugins list on the MT front page very useful, however this list has been getting longer and longer and I install more and more plugins that register on there. Eventually this bugged me (big surprise eh?) and I decided to move that to its own page. Click the thumbnail to the side for a larger image.

First open up lib/MT/App/ and find around line 40

'list_blogs' => &list_blogs,

and add right underneath it

'list_plugins' => &list_plugins,

Next around line 342 (at the end of sub list_blog) fine

$param{no_breadcrumbs} = 1; $app->build_page('list_blog.tmpl', \%param); }

and add after it

sub list_plugins { my $app = shift;...

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23. Movalog: Announcements Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 982 words

Page: 1 2 2 Pages.

Newsgator Toolkit

Although not directly related to Movable Type, many bloggers I know have been asking for such a tool. The Newsgator Toolkit is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that will eventually provide you with a series of complex and powerful tools...

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Updates to the Style Generator

At long last I've made some updates to the Style Generator to better fit with Six Apart's standard. This means that you can finally apply the tips discussed in this tutorial to stylesheets created using the style gen. Most of...

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24. 2.5 (2002.10.08)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 35 KB, 2142 words

2.5 (2002.10.08)

• Localization: the MT interface can be available in multiple languages, on a per-author setting. • Integrated Jay Allen's mt-search (Thanks, Jay!). We've made the following changes from version 1.31b: • Rewrote ``new comments search'' to make it more scalable (using recently_commented_on functionality) • Added a search log through the Activity Log. • Added search request throttling, to help against denial of service attacks. • Merged mt-search.cfg directives into mt.cfg....

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25. Scheduled Postings and Cron Jobs

Movalog, Tutorials, 33 KB, 1698 words

Co-authored by Arvind Satyanarayan and Elise Bauer Tutorial cross posted on Movalog and Learning Movable Type

Future posting is a convenient new feature in MT3.1x, allowing you to create an entry and have it automatically post at a future time. But before you can use this feature you need to set up a Cron Job on your server.

What is a Cron Job?

Cron is a task scheduler for unix servers. A cron job is a specific task that runs a certain number of times per minute, day, week, or month on your server. For example, you can use a cron job to automate a daily MySQL database backup. The main problem with cron jobs is that if they aren't properly configured they can cause high server loads...

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26. Blendy - Blog Entry Distributor

alogblog, Plugins, 19 KB, 1170 words

I would categorize a BLOG content into mainly two groups. One for Broadcasting my opinion, which can be one about a social, political, technical, or entertainmental stuffs, to the world. I want as many people as possible to listen my voice. And the other is wholly for LOGging my personal affairs. I don't care who would see it or not.

Then, what means do I have in order to broadcate my post? How can I provide more opportunity for the world to take something from my posts? It can be possible by using meta blog sites, various syndication feeds, trackback pings or so. Are you satisfied?


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27. Background Patterns

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 17 KB, 604 words

Adding a background pattern to your weblog is pretty straightforward in Movable Type, requiring the change of only one line in your stylesheet.

1. Pick a pattern. You can make your own pattern using a tool like Photoshop, or you can pick a pattern from one of the many sites that offer patterns for free (for non-commercial use).

Patterns from Kaliber 10000.

Patterns from Squid Fingers

2. Make a tile.

Patterns are based on tiles, small files of the design that, once repeated, create a full pattern. Once you find a pattern you like, you need to save the gif or jpeg file of the tile upon which the pattern is based. One way to do that is to view the source of the HTML of the...

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28. Ajaxify: EnhancedEntryEditing

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1181 words

UPDATE: EnhancedEntryEditing has been bumped up to v1.01 to fix a bug where popup windows wouldn't disappear after you were done with them. Grab the update, you only need to upload

Ajaxify is a series of BigPAPI plugins that adds various javascript and AJAX widgets into Movable Type's interface. It has, of course, been built for Movable Type 3.2. The first of which is EnhancedEntryEditing. This plugin adds two widgets into the entry screen: • Resizable Textareas - I personally find the textareas on the entry screen too small and find it annoying to hack the stylesheet everytime I upgrade Movable Type. This plugin now adds "Increase Size" and...

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29. Movalog: Code Snippets Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 24 KB, 832 words

Page: 1 1 Page.

Random Banners

In my recent re-design on Movalog, I had three banners and unfortunately I liked them all and couldn't figure out which one I liked best. As a result, I decided to use them all. First I moved all the images...

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Quicktags for Comments

Many people wanted to know how I implemented these guicktags into my comments form. So here's a quick tutorial for that. In your comments form find Comments: (you may use HTML tags for style) and replace it with Comments:...

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30. The New Themes - Making Sense of It All

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 32 KB, 2214 words

This tutorial is written by LMT author Arvind Satyanarayan of Movalog. Tutorial cross posted on Movalog and LMT.

With Movable Type 3.2, Six Apart launched a new markup and stylesheet structure that has also unified their three platforms. These new templates and stylesheets (from now on referred to as themes) have been called tag soup due to the sheer number of <div>s and indents.

What a mess - why did they do it?

The new themes can be quite intimidating the first time you come across them, however Six Apart created these new themes for several reasons: • First of all, Typepad, LiveJournal and Movable Type now share exactly the same markup. This means that a theme will work on...

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31. Speed up

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 836 words

Here are some tips on how to optimize your weblog and make the page load times drop: • Sidebars: Sidebars are everything when you're talkin about page load. I have found that sidebars on the right decrease page load times dramatically. Having the sidebar on the right also allows the content to load first. The content is what your readers have come for and hence they can start reading even before the page has fully loaded. The default MT templates have the sidebars positioned to the right, to change your sidebar location you'll need to change the float element in the css: float:right;

or you may have to move around some of your markup (the template code) • Content: Although content is...

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32. Iconize

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 656 words

Steve asks:

Quick question, how do you get the different icons to show up based on categories like you have in your personal site? Can you also do it by author?

This is quite simple to implement and can be done either with the use of plugins or doing it manually using MT Tags

Category Icons

You can either use TopicIcon to do this 'automatically' - just follow these instructions. Alternatively you can do it manually, add this code in your templates between the <MTEntries>...</MTEntries> tags.

<img src="<$MTEntryCategory dirify="1"$>.gif" alt="<MTEntryCategory>" />

So for example, if you had a category called...

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33. The New Themes - Making Sense of it all

Movalog, Tutorials, 33 KB, 1540 words

Tutorial cross posted on Learning Movable Type and Movalog.

With Movable Type 3.2, Six Apart launched a new markup and stylesheet structure that has also unified their three platforms. These new templates and stylesheets (from now on referred to as themes) have been called tag soup due to the sheer number of <div>s and indents.

What a mess - why did they do it?

The new themes can be quite intimidating the first time you come across them however Six Apart have created these new themes for several reasons: • First of all, Typepad, LiveJournal and Movable Type now share exactly the same markup. This means that a theme will work on any of these three platforms and designers can...

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34. Sympathy for the Plug-in

A List Apart, Tutorials, 13 KB, 1388 words

On th' other side up rose BELIAL, in act more graceful and humane; A fairer person lost not Heav'n; he seemd For dignity compos'd and high exploit: But all was false and hollow; though his Tongue Dropt Manna, and could make the worse appear The better reason, to perplex and dash Maturest Counsels: for his thoughts were low; To vice industrious, but to Nobler deeds Timorous and slothful: yet he pleas'd the eare, And with persuasive accent thus began.

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am the cancer that has riddled the formerly healthy body of the Web.

I am the darkness that has spread forever across...

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35. Dynamic Publishing - Pros and Cons

Movalog, Tutorials, 33 KB, 1633 words

Discussion cross posted on Movalog and Learning Movable Type

One of the key features that Six Apart promotes about Movable Type is MT's ability to publish dynamically. What is dynamic publishing? And what are the benefits (and downsides) to dynamic publishing over static publishing?

Elise Bauer, editor of Learning Movable Type and Arvind Satyanarayan, author of Movalog, discuss some of the pros and cons of dynamic publishing. Non-techie luddite-wannabe Elise shies away from anything that seems like it might not be worth the effort and so far hasn't even tried dynamic publishing. Plugin creator and MT hack-master Arvind has embraced dynamic publishing with his usual boundless...

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36. Printer-Friendly Pages

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 37 KB, 2673 words

Updated. Originally posted March 29, 2004. Providing printer-friendly versions of your weblog entries can be useful to your weblog readers. For example, my cooking weblog has printer-friendly versions of the recipes like this. Learning Movable Type links to printer-friendly versions at the end of each entry. There are several ways to create printer-friendly versions. I've outlined two methods in this tutorial. The first method is a simple header tag and CSS trick that automatically generates printer-friendly pages whenever someone goes to print a page from your blog. The second method is a bit more involved, creating a printer-friendly archive template with associated...

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38. MT Blogroll 2.0 Public Beta

Movalog, Tutorials, 35 KB, 2169 words

UPDATE: If you have any feature request I'm all ears. Gearing up for the release I want to see if there are any feature requests I can implement, I think I've fixed all the bugs that were reported so expect a release in the next few weeks.

I had released this to ProNet a few days ago but have not gotten much feedback. That can be either that people are waiting for the point release and don't want to install a beta or that there aren't many bugs in this beta. Either way I want to open up testing for MT Blogroll 2.0 (I'm still thinking about that version number). I'm going to copy my post to ProNet here to save me some time.

I've re-written Blogroll to use its own tables in the DB so...

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39. Changelog Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 216 KB, 20293 words

• Initial beta release

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0.02 (2001.09.25)

• Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky) • Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)...

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40. Announcements

Learning Movable Type, News, 60 KB, 4295 words

Learning Movable Type is now hosted on a new server and now has its own domain name - In the process of changing servers and changing URLs, we may have created some broken links or other site hiccups. If you encounter something that just doesn't seem to be working properly, please email me using the contact form.

Humongous thanks to Chad and Arvind for their invaluable assistance with this move.

If you link to Learning Movable Type (and we hope you do) please, please, please change the URL in your link to the new one. That way, Google will find us more easily, and those using Google to find things regarding Movable Type will find us more easily too....

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