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21. Build Conditions with the Compare Plugin

Movable Type Weblog, Tutorials, 22 KB, 1097 words

In Comparison needed for conditional Generation I showed how to use the Compare Plugin for managing variations of a page type. The plugin allows comparing values and optionally inserting one or the other code segment into the output stream. However, the simple condition "if one value equals another value" is just the beginning. We are also able to create complex conditions. It is not even that difficult.


The Compare Plugin offers a number of tags, as for example MTIfEqual, MTIfNotEqual, MTIfGreater, MTIfGreaterOrEqual, MTIfLess, etc. Most of them work the same way: they take at least two mandatory attributes, a and b. The plugin compares the values of those two...

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22. Approve/Moderate All

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1004 words

In the early days of MT 3, when I had unreg'd comments set to moderate, I really wanted to have an approval all button as I would read the comment in the email notification I received. Since then that feature request has not progressed so I decided to take matters into my own hands. As the screenshot shows, at the end of this hack you will end up with two buttons on the comments listing screen. This buttons will allow you to mass approve/moderate comments by checking the boxes of the corresponding entries.

First of all open lib/MT/App/ and find on approximately line 32 the following

'approve_comment' => &approve_comment,

and right after it

'approve_confirm' =>...

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23. MT RebuildBlogs

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 809 words

UPDATE: I've released v1.01 due to bugs faced with the paths to the plugin being incorrect on pre-3.16 systems. Download and follow the installation instructions.

I often need to rebuild many blogs on my system because I make system wide changes (for example renaming the comment script) and the way MT currently works, I need to go around, blog-to-blog hitting rebuild.

The previous script did work but it was too much of a security risk, anyone could hit the script multiple times bringing the server crashing down. As a result, I whipped up a quick plugin so that I could quickly rebuild multiple blogs (since it is a proper plugin, it uses MT's authentication so...

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24. Smarty. MT. Dynamic

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 1017 words

Smarty Docs

Now that Smarty is built into MT, you've got a whole load of new features that you can use. Just have a look at the documentation everything discussed in those docs are available to MT users, the only difference is instead of single braces you need to use double, for example where in the Smarty docs it gives you a line like this {include file="sidebar.php"}

when you implement that into MT it will need to become {{include file="sidebar.php"}}

This was chosen over the single braces because the single braces can cause problems when you start writing Javascript. None-the-less if you really wish to use single braces, find in your mtview.php template the following line (thanks...

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25. Hacking Movable Type

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 693 words

I finally got my copy of Hacking Movable Type and finished reading it last night. Written by the biggest names in the Movable Type community, the 300 pages of Movable Type goodness guide you through getting the most out of Movable Type and really pushing what it can do with detailed tutorials to setup photo and moblogs and event calendars.

It walks you through using all the APIs available in MT including XMLRPC, Atom, Perl and PHP and provides detailed examples that are very easy to understand. One of the best parts of the book, I feel, is the plugin walkthrough which is a far better guide than the current plugin docs. It literally holds your hand showing you what is possible and if I...

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26. Configure Active Plugins

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1012 words

I find the Configure Active Plugins list on the MT front page very useful, however this list has been getting longer and longer and I install more and more plugins that register on there. Eventually this bugged me (big surprise eh?) and I decided to move that to its own page. Click the thumbnail to the side for a larger image.

First open up lib/MT/App/ and find around line 40

'list_blogs' => &list_blogs,

and add right underneath it

'list_plugins' => &list_plugins,

Next around line 342 (at the end of sub list_blog) fine

$param{no_breadcrumbs} = 1; $app->build_page('list_blog.tmpl', \%param); }

and add after it

sub list_plugins { my $app = shift;...

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27. Movalog: Announcements Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 982 words

Page: 1 2 2 Pages.

Newsgator Toolkit

Although not directly related to Movable Type, many bloggers I know have been asking for such a tool. The Newsgator Toolkit is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that will eventually provide you with a series of complex and powerful tools...

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Posted on 10/13/2005 | Permalink | Comments (0)

Updates to the Style Generator

At long last I've made some updates to the Style Generator to better fit with Six Apart's standard. This means that you can finally apply the tips discussed in this tutorial to stylesheets created using the style gen. Most of...

Continue reading "Updates to the Style Generator"...

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28. Rebuild This Template

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1060 words

UPDATE 09/06: Rebuild Site

One of my favourite features in MT 3.1 is the "Rebuild This Template" button that appears when you save a template. When you click that button it doesn't popup another window for you to confirm the rebuild, no, it just rebuilds then and there. Unfortunately the button at the bottom of the page doesn't do the same. Also because my template body field is huge, that bottom button is quite far down so I have to scroll for a bit. These two annoyances led me to hack the edit_template.tmpl file found MTDIR/tmpl/cms/, this hack is only available in MT 3.1 and greater. If you feel uncomfortable with hacking files but would like to have this hack, please contact me and I will quote you a price for the installation....

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29. Save & Rebuild

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1047 words

This hack is for versions of Movable Type prior to 3.2. This hack has been implemented into Movable Type 3.2

I'm a lazy person and hate having to click repetitively to do tasks and I get easily annoyed at having to keep hitting save and then rebuild whilst making changes to my site. So a hack later I have a Save & Rebuild button which will first save the template and then rebuild it with just one click!

Open lib/MT/App/ and around line 1149 find

sub save_object{

and add underneath it

my $sr = 0;

Next on line 1340 find


and add underneath it

if($q->param('sr')){ $sr = 1; $app->rebuild_indexes( BlogID => $obj->blog_id,...

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30. Quicktags for Comments

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 985 words

Many people wanted to know how I implemented these guicktags into my comments form. So here's a quick tutorial for that. In your comments form find

<p><label for="text">Comments:</label> <MTIfAllowCommentHTML> (you may use HTML tags for style)</MTIfAllowCommentHTML><br/> <textarea tabindex="4" id="text" name="text" rows="10" cols="50"></textarea></p>

and replace it with

<div class="quicktags"><p><label for="text">Comments:</label> <MTIfAllowCommentHTML><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">edToolbar();<...

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31. Publishing Custom Pages with Movable Type

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1076 words

MT has had the ability to output any content in a template since version 1.0 in 2001, however it doesn't have the "push button" simplicity of Wordpress' Pages feature. For those of you unfamiliar with Wordpress, its Pages feature allows you to create individual static pages (index pages in MT) with the simplicity of the entry screen, i.e. you don't need to worry about the styling or markup – just type out the content and voila, you're done.

This tutorial describes the process to simplify the process of creating standalone pages so that, in essence, you simply need to type out your content. This is useful for using Movable Type as a powerful general content management system.

There are 3 main...

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32. CustomFields 1.0

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1038 words

UPDATE: Donors check your Paypal emails!

I'm incredibly proud to announce CustomFields 1.0. This is a plugin set consisting of two plugins, one for entries and the other for authors, that allow you to (finally) define custom fields in a powerful way rather than resorting to hacks. This plugin consists of: • Author custom fields - this allows you to define custom fields to allow you to rebuild proper author profile/bio pages. • Author Archiving - This author plugin in the set builds on Brad Choate's Authors plugin, which means you have all those tags available. These tags can be used with the powerful author archiving system I've built into this plugin that mimics Movable Type's current...

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33. MT InlineEditor 1.1

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 993 words

This new version introduces inline editing for comments by the commenters. A cookie is set when the person hits the post button on the comment form. The cookie is set to expire in 5 minutes so the person must make any edits within five minutes.

Download Preserve the directories in the zip starting from your root MT directory (therefore files in the extlib/ folder in the zip go into MT's extlib/ directory and mt-ie-cookiecheck.php goes into your root mt directory etc.)

For every blog you want this enabled on, you will need to create two index templates of the two text files in the zip (mt-inlineeditor.php and mt-inlineeditor.js) I've used MT Tags in those...

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34. Site Design, the Easy Way

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1025 words

There are several ways to make your life easier whilst having fun with HTML markup and CSS design.

Learning, the fun way

When I first tinkered around with HTML and CSS, I was a bit unsure and un-inspired as to what to do, but I employed a technique that some may frown upon. Using a variety of tools, I took a peek at stylesheets that had produced something I like. I didn't steal them but rather learnt from them on how to do such and such a thing. I would recommend trying this out as it is a hands on way to learn what various bits of CSS code do - and its much nicer to see it in action done the right way.

Sidebar Panels

If you use Mozilla/Firefox as your browser, you are in luck. EditCSS and...

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35. Dynamic vs Static

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 1055 words

Preparing the way from the dynamic system that's going to be coming in MT 3.1 lets discuss the differences between a dynamic and static way of managing content and clear up any doubts.

Static templating is how MT has been all these years. Everytime you make the smallest change or post a new entry you need to rebuild every single page it is connected to for the change to show up. Rebuilding these pages cause physical files to appear in various directories.

With dynamic templating this is all resolved. No more files, no more rebuilding. With 3.1 you can chose how you want MT to act ie: •

Fully Dynamic - every single template is taken and parsed from the database when requested •

Fully Static - there are...

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36. MT Protect 1.1

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 1064 words

Hot on the heels of v1.0, here's version 1.1. The only new feature is the availability of dynamic tags, i.e. those of you that wanted to use MT Protect on dynamic templates now can!

Download and follow the installation instructions. If you installed any older version of MT Protect, you will need to disable and re-enable protection on all your blogs via the global configuration so that the new files get downloaded.

The template markup is identical for both static and dynamic templates!

If you experience a bug or a problem, please file a ticket.

The campaign has not yet reached its target, if you find this plugin useful people consider donating to the campaign.

On a sidenote, Movalog is now...

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37. Breaking Plugins

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1118 words

UPDATED 09/10: There was a problem with the files as phps so I've zipped them UPDATED 09/04: To fix SmartyPants

So you've downloaded the very new 3.1 with all the amazing features but you've found one problem, your plugins no longer work with the dynamic templating. Well its not only plugins, text filters also no longer work.... Here are some methods by which you can combat this problem, some may not work in all cases but its better than nothing for other cases.

• Text Filters In a previous tutorial I had linked to PHP Markdown, but a few people have contacted me about Textile as well. So I have collected PHP versions of Markdown, Textile and SmartyPants Just download the following...

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38. Increasing Readership

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1103 words

This isn't really MT specific. Many people in the past few days have asked me how I managed to increase readership on my blog. Actually I'm surprised many of them stay and read but I'm happy none-the-less.

There are a few key points if you wish to increase or maintain a readership: • Content This is the most important. Regular, on-topic content will attract many readers of the same interest. If you're writing a journal/diary don't ever think that "No One cares about me." I'll come to journals soon.

Also if you blog about a variety of things you will appeal to a larger group of people. For example, on my blog I talk about everything from technology and the internet to my everyday...

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39. MT InlineEditor 1.0

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1118 words

Seeing the flurry of activity around Inline Editing on Wordpress ever since Jay Allen mentioned it on his panel at SXSW, I thought it was time us MT'ers had something similar. Download the plugin. This animation better highlights what this plugin does (600kb)

Preserve the directories in the zip starting from your root MT directory (therefore files in the extlib/ folder in the zip go into MT's extlib/ directory and mt-ie-cookiecheck.php goes into your root mt directory etc.)

I'll need to talk you through installing this. For every blog you want this enabled on, you will need to create two index templates of the two text files in the zip (mt-inlineeditor.php and mt-inlineeditor.js) I've...

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40. Movable Type vs. WordPress

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1085 words

Via PhotoMatt I found a very interesting comments thread on what is basically an argument of Movable Type vs. WordPres. Now everyone knows that I worship Movable Type, but I wish to voice some thoughts on this topic.

Movable Type and Wordpress are aimed at completely different audiences. If you upgraded to MT 3.0 you would have seen that the title was no longer "MOVABLE TYPE :: Personal Publishing System" but now was "Movable Type Publishing Platform." As can be seen from this post at Mena's Corner

One final thing. You'll notice that we're no longer describing Movable Type as a "Personal Publishing System" -- we now call it a "Publishing Platform." While "personal" remains a major...

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