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141. MT-Textile

Brad Choate, Plugins, 380 KB, 17642 words

Textile is a ‘Humane Web Text Generator,' created by Dean Allen of Textism. After seeing Textile in action, I decided that I must create a Movable Type plugin that does the same thing.

I came to that decision before Movable Type 2.6 and the custom text filter thing were announced. In fact, seeing Textile spurred me to write to Ben about a way for MT users to have more text formatting choices and the option to select them on a per-entry basis. To my delight, he replied that "it's already in the works."

So here we are a couple of months later. MT 2.6 is in beta (and very near to release)...

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142. MT SCode 1.0

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 750 words

UPDATE: Fixed a bug where the image would only appear when you were logged into MT. Its a one line fix in

Although CAPTCHAs have several problems, there is no denying that catch most (if not all) of the spam. The most popular CAPTCHA generating plugin for Movable Type, SCode, had not been updated in a long time as the author had migrated to Drupal. It still involved hacking and did not integrate with 3.2's new junk/feedback framework. As a result, I took the plugin and did some major re-writing to make it work with 3.2. A run down of the new features: • No Hacking Required - Simply drop the plugin in and enable it to use • More Friendly UI - Previously, you would have to set...

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143. I take the bait

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 33 KB, 2319 words

A good friend is often one's harshest critic. This came to mind while reading this post Jason Kottke writes about the "New Internet" and, more specifically, Six Apart's role in creating "a black hole for creative people". I can feel comfortable in debating his opinion because I respect Jason as a friend and a peer and, in the past, have questioned him privately on his opinion of what makes a respectable company. Because of this relationship and my respect of his opinion, I've decided to break the perceived Six Apart oath of silence (you should see the initiation ritual!) and respond to his post.

Jason writes:

A person who -- when she was unemployed 3 years ago -- could spend a couple...

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144. MT-Textile does that???

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 100 KB, 3747 words

Things you probably didn't realize you could do with MT-Textile 2: • Hyperlinks for Amazon, IMDB and Google searches. For example (search term can be placed after the last ‘:', or will default to the hyperlinked text): • "James Bond":imdb:Sean+Connery becomes James Bond • "Tangerine Dream":amazon becomes Tangerine Dream • "Movable Type":google becomes Movable Type • ["MT plugins by Brad Choate":google:movable type plugin choate] becomes MT plugins by Brad Choate • Float images to the left and right; center stuff too: • !>/images/me.jpg! (floats...

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145. Cross-Browser Variable Opacity with PNG: A Real Solution

A List Apart, Tutorials, 22 KB, 2655 words

Periodically, someone tells me about the magic of PNG, how it's the ideal image format for the web, and that someday we'll all be using it on our sites instead of GIF. People have been saying this for years, and by now most of us have stopped listening. Sadly, flaky browser support has made PNG impractical for almost everything; but now, with a few simple workarounds, we can finally put one of its most compelling features to use.

PNG? What?

The Portable Network Graphics, or PNG (pronounced "ping"), image format has been around since 1995, having cropped up during the now long-forgotten GIF scare, when Compuserve and Unisys announced they would begin charging...

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146. LinkEntryToFile

Staggernation, Plugins, 10 KB, 929 words

LinkEntryToFile is a plugin that modifies the interface of Movable Type. When the plugin is installed, you can specify a file on your server to link to the Entry Body or Extended Entry field. The linked file will be kept in sync with the entry, so that you can edit it in an external editor.

This plugin basically takes MT's handy "Link this template to a file" feature and applies it to entries. When using MT to manage certain types of content, especially content that contains extensive HTML formatting, it's useful to be able to use your favorite text-editing application, with syntax highlighting, Undo, search and replace, etc., without having to repeatedly copy and paste into the MT entry...

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147. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Announcing Movable Type 3.2

Six Apart News, News, 71 KB, 6450 words

We're proud to announce that Movable Type 3.2 is now available. This release improves upon what is already the most powerful blogging platform by offering a better experience at every step. This new version combines the strengths and innovations you have come to expect from Movable Type over the past four years, boosted by the addition of over 100 unique new features that will help your blogs truly shine.

Best of all, it's a free update for any licensed user of Movable Type 3.x. Personal users will be happy to find that the Free edition now offers unlimited blogs. And personal users who want a multi-user license and access to our famed technical support can now take...

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148. UpdateAuthoredOn

Staggernation, Plugins, 6 KB, 310 words

UpdateAuthoredOn is a plugin that modifies the interface of Movable Type. When the plugin is installed, you can click a button to set an entry's Authored On timestamp to the current date and time.


UpdateAuthoredOn requires the BigPAPI plugin, which is included with the UpdateAuthoredOn distribution.

UpdateAuthoredOn is compatible with MT 3.16 and higher.


To install the UpdateAuthoredOn plugin, upload the file to the plugins directory within your Movable Type directory. If is not already present in your plugins directory, upload that as well.

Terms of Use

UpdateAuthoredOn is available free of charge under a Creative Commons license....

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149. StyleCatcher Updated

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 16 KB, 447 words

We're glad to announce an update to the StyleCatcher plugin announced last week. StyleCatcher 1.01 fixes a number of little bugs, offers some helpful documentation in the README file about how to get started, and introduces a cool new feature: The Greasemonkey Style Installer.

StyleCatcher is designed to be able to retrieve styles from any style repository that follows a few simple conventions we've defined, and we'll be publishing documentation for how you can host your own style repository. But to get started, you can test this new functionality with our own Movable Type style library.

Our goal was to make switching styles as automatic as possible. So, if you're using Movable Type...

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150. DropCap

Staggernation, Plugins, 8 KB, 638 words

This Movable Type plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying the first letter of a section of text as a "drop cap." A drop cap is a large initial letter of a paragraph that spans more than one line of text. The CSS2 standard lets you create drop caps using the first-letter pseudo-element. However, this will not display properly in older browsers, and it also doesn't allow you to use images for your drop caps. This plugin is designed to let you do drop caps the old-fashioned way, by using an HTML table or image with align="left", which will cause the paragraph to wrap around the drop cap.

The DropCap plugin currently only formats the first letter of the entire piece of text you...

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151. ExtraFields

Staggernation, Plugins, 29 KB, 3608 words

Many Movable Type users have wished for the ability to define additional custom fields for entries. A future version of MT may include such functionality. This plugin is a stopgap measure until we have a version of Movable Type that allows custom fields. It lets you define custom fields on a per-weblog basis, by creating one or more SQL tables to store the additional data (this plugin has been designed to work only when using MySQL as your MT backend; see below for more on this).

Some users have managed to add custom fields to their copies of Movable Type by modifying the field definitions within MT. See this page and this thread and this thread. However, this approach has several...

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152. Unapprove Comment

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 840 words

UPDATE Fixed a bug with moderation set on Typekey users. Bit to be edited is the code in edit_comment.tmpl

The moderation queue is one of the most powerful features that MT 3 has, and some advocate an aggresive use of it when paired with plugins. Currently, you are able to approve a comment but not unapprove a comment. This hack will add an unapprove button to the edit comment screen that will throw the comment back into moderation.

Open lib/MT/App/ and around line 32 find

'approve_comment' => &approve_comment,

and add beneath it

'unapprove_comment' => &unapprove_comment,

Next find

sub list_commenters {

and add above it

sub unapprove_comment { my $app = shift; my $perms = $app->{perms}...

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153. My Favorite New TypePad Feature

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 13 KB, 277 words

Over at Six Apart News, Ben writes about the motivation behind us holding a one-day internal hackathon at the company. Besides being a nice break from the usual work our engineers do, this hacking session led to the feature set of our latest TypePad release -- which we have been internally calling our "Scratchathon Release."

Ben writes -- in his post -- about the goal of the "Scratchathon":

So we decided to have a one-day hacking session that we called a Scratchathon--as in, scratching an itch. We stopped the usual project work for a day, and engineers on all of our products spent the day working on features like those described above. The focus for this session was on implementing...

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The Six Apart Professional Network, which launched with the release of Movable Type 3.1, has become our home for updates on tutorials, documentation, and general news about what's happening with Six Apart. In addition to the mailing list (monitored by our own staff, including the developers of Movable Type), we've just released one of our first tutorials to the public.

Written by Brad Choate, who created Movable Type 3.1's Smarty-based dynamic publishing system, the architecture overview covers everything you need to know to get up to speed with this powerful new set of features. And the Professional Network gives us a chance to let Network members shine as well, as...

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155. Movable Type 3.11 available

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 58 words

We've just released Movable Type 3.11, which fixes a few bugs that have popped up in certain configurations. It's a recommended update for all Movable Type users.


Previous Entry: James Wolcott's Movable Type blog

Next Entry: Blogs go Big Business

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156. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Version 2.0 Released

Six Apart News, News, 14 KB, 274 words

Version 2.0 of Movable Type is now released. This version of Movable Type is still free for personal or non-profit use; note that version 2.0 is not free, however, for commercial or for-profit use. See the FAQ for more details. Existing users of versions 1.0-1.4 should use the upgrade distribution to update their MT installation, and should follow the upgrade instructions. Before upgrading, you will need to back up your MT databases and export your entries and comments, as a precaution.

In addition to bug fixes and improvements to general system stability, this release adds the following features: • Multiple category support: the ability to assign multiple categories per...

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157. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Version 1.4 Released

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 141 words

We have released a new version of Movable Type, version 1.4. Existing users of versions 1.0-1.31 should use the upgrade distribution to update their MT installation, and should follow the upgrade instructions.

In addition to bug fixes and improvements to general stability, this release adds the following features: • New and improved default templates and styles ( more information) • Tags to produce a customizable calendar display ( more information) • Tags to link to the next and previous archives ( more information) • Editable comment previews • The ability to customize the comment error page ( more information) • New global tag attribute filters: encode_js, zero_pad, space_pad,...

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158. Six Apart - Movable Type News - New Release Scheduled

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 275 words

We are planning a new release of Movable Type for next Monday, October 22. This release will be distributed in two forms: as a full release, and as an upgrade.

Among an assortment of bug fixes and stability improvements, here are some of the bigger features that will be included in the next release, version 1.1: • Added the ability to delete authors and blogs. • You can now preview comments before posting them; you define the layout of the preview page using the new Comment Preview template. • Bookmarklet windows are now customizable: for example, if you feel that the bookmarklet window really needs a control to select the category for the new entry, you can customize the window...

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159. Workflow 1.0.2

David Raynes, Plugins, 9 KB, 73 words

Workflow 1.0.2 is out. This release fixes a bug in the entry transfer notification that I introduced with the callback tweeks I released with 1.0.1.

Hop on over to the Workflow page for the download links.

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160. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Movable Type 3.1 Launched

Six Apart News, News, 16 KB, 825 words

We're happy to announce that this afternoon we released Movable Type 3.1.

We're extremely excited about this new release, and also about how quickly this free update is coming on the heels of Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition. Whereas it took more than a year between 2.6 and 3.0, we're now releasing 3.1 only three months after 3.0 Developer Edition. The release of 3.0, combined with the changes in licensing, has allowed us to recommit resources to Movable Type development, and that's a big reason why you're seeing major features in a free update released so soon after 3.0.

Here's a look at the major features in Movable Type 3.1.


The Best of Both Worlds

The most prominent new...

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