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101. Movalog: Protect Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 21 KB, 621 words

Page: 1 1 Page.

MT Protect 1.2

UPDATE: Version 1.21 has been released that fixes the password protection bug under static publishing. Please download the new version and re-enable protection on all your blogs. MT Protect is a plugin that allows you to easily protect entries so...

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Posted on 09/03/2005 | Permalink | Comments (6)

MT Protect 1.1

Hot on the heels of v1.0, here's version 1.1. The only new feature is the availability of dynamic tags, i.e. those of you that wanted to use MT Protect on dynamic templates now can! Download and follow the installation...

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102. WYSIWYG and Comments

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 723 words

I had previously written on how to add quicktags to the comment form. This tutorial, however, will show you how to add a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to the comment form. The WYSIWYG editor in question is tinyMCE, the same one used in EnhancedEntryEditing. Of the various WYSIWYG editors available, I felt that tinyMCE was the best in terms of flexibility and options and the easiest to get started with!

First things first, you will need to download the latest version of tinyMCE and extract it to a suitable location on your server (EnhancedEntryEditing plugin users, already have tinyMCE in /mt-static/plugins/Ajaxify/tinymce/).

Next, you'll have to add the tinyMCE code to...

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103. mod_security

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 924 words

During the comment spam crisis, before 3.14 was released, my host installed something called mod_security. I have noticed that ever since it was installed, the comment spam flood I normally experienced turned into a trickle. mod_security helps with a lot of things. It's good for helping block a lot of the script vulnerability attacks like cross-site scripting, bad PHP includes, etc so there's a good chance it will be installed on your host, if not ask them.

If you do have mod_security installed, I will guide you through setting it up such that it blocks of comment spam. What is the advantage of mod_security over MT-Blacklist? mod_security scans the comment before it hits MT-Blacklist or...

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104. Blog Selective Hacks

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 727 words

One of the biggest problems of simple hacks to the system is that they occur system wide, e.g. if you hacked the entry page to specify a default category, that category would become the default for all blogs on the system. This tutorial is a simple hack that will allow you to test the blog_id value and then conditionally display.

Open up lib/MT/App/ and search for

my $blog_id = $app->{query}->param('blog_id');

and add underneath it

$param->{"blog_id_$blog_id"} = 1;

Save and upload it to the appropriate location. That's it, now in your *.tmpl files, you can check the blog_id like so


where the contents of the IF...

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105. Plugin Envelope Errors

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 641 words

This is a question I've seen a lot, through emails, bug reports and on the forums. First a little general background information.

The 'Plugin Envelope' method was something introduced with v3.0 and one of the first plugins to use it was MT-Blacklist. This is where a plugin creates its own subdirectory within the main plugins/ directory, for example MT Blacklist has plugins/Blacklist, MT Protect has plugins/Protect and so on.

The problem many people are facing are the hundreds of errors that these plugins spit out and look similar to this: Plugin error: /home/.../.../cgi-bin/plugins/Blogroll/ Can't locate Blogroll/ in @INC (@INC contains: plugins/Blogroll/lib...

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106. Movalog: Weblog Design Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 22 KB, 705 words

Page: 1 1 Page.

The New Themes - Making Sense of it all

Tutorial cross posted on Learning Movable Type and Movalog. With Movable Type 3.2, Six Apart launched a new markup and stylesheet structure that has also unified their three platforms. These new templates and stylesheets (from now on referred to as...

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Posted on 09/04/2005 | Permalink | Comments (1)

Extending the Sidebar

Matthew writes I am trying to make the side bar in Movable type to extend to the bottom of the page. I have gotten it to work in IE but not firefox. You can take a look at my site...

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107. Login Screen Focus

Movalog, Tutorials, 25 KB, 473 words

Kasey has a good tutorial on how to have the cursor automatically focused on the Username field of the login screen so that you can just start typing immediately. Unfortunately that tutorial talks about MT 2.x so here's the MT 3.x version.

In login.tmpl find the following code <input name="username" id="username" size="20" />

and add right after it the following <script>document.forms[0].username.focus()</script>

Upload the file to MT_DIR/tmpl/cms/ and voila, whenever you are presented with the MT login screen the cursor will be blinking in the username field.

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108. Dynamic Templating

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 933 words

I further discussed my previous post with many pepole and felt I needed to clarify some doubts I and many others had about the new dynamic MT, so here's a follow up post ! Brad explained how the new MT/Smarty/PHP system will work. The template gets pulled from the database; there is a pass over it to make it smarty-compatible; then it gets executed by smarty. so if you have a real simple template like this: <MTEntries> <MTEntriesHeader><ul></MTEntriesHeader> <li><MTEntryTitle></li> <MTEntriesFooter></ul></MTEntriesFooter> </MTEntries>

it gets changed to this: {Entries} {EntriesHeader}<ul>{/EntriesHeader} <li>...

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109. MT Protect 1.0

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 648 words

Although the campaign hasn't been completed, I was excited about this release due to its featureset and didn't want to busy myself with its release during the peak of my exams.

So here it is, Download and follow the installation instructions . If you are upgrading from the beta, you will need to run the upgrade script that will create a new table.

This new release includes several new features: •

Typekey groups, this is where you create groups of Typekey users from example Friends etc. To assist you in creation of these groups, a new list_commenters.tmpl has been included in the distribution so you can select Typekey commenters to add to a new group. •

Protection of entire blogs --...

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110. The best Indian Business School Blog

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 500 words

This isn't related to Movable Type but here's another SEO contest but this time it is for Indian bloggers. The contest is called The best Indian Business School Blog and I entered it yesterday on my personal blog but thought of posting it here too.

On November 25, 2004, The Poseidon team will check rankings for The best Indian Business School Blog and will award prizes depending on google's ranking on that day (and pagerank is also considered, 6/10 for Movalog)

Prizes: * First prize: INR 7,500 * Second prize: INR 5,000

If you want to help me out win this contest, then link to this entry...

<a href="" title="The best...

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111. Firefox Search Plugins

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 490 words

I had forgotten to share these little goodies that I frequently use. The little search bar in Firefox is indespensible for me and I have all sorts of search engines there including many Movable Type resources. Here are three that I use most frequent. To install just click the link and click ok on the dialog box that appears, restart Firefox and you should have a nice new search engine added to the drop down list of the search box. • MT Plugins DirectoryLearning Movable TypeMovalog

Any others? Post them in the comments!

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112. Alphabetizing archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 25 KB, 492 words

Many people seem to want to know how to alphabetize their archives, ie instead of the newest entry at the top to the oldest entry at the bottom, they want entries starting with A at the top and Z at the bottom. This can be done quite simply from MT as well. Just use <MTEntries sort_by="title" sort_order="ascend">

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113. Movable Type 3.1 Beta Testing

Movalog, News, 25 KB, 489 words

There is an email going around from Ben Trott to gather people to test MT 3.1. The release to the public is scheduled for August 31st. Reading the email, it seems to be sent to everyone that has either bought a license for MT or signed up to the developer's network. Again the same rules as the previous alpha/beta testing apply including "you must agree not to publicly discuss any details of the software or the beta testing experience itself."

If interested in signing up, a link has been provided to a form to sign up from. People will then be chosen at random for the beta testing ! The beta begins Monday August 9th and will run in phases so as not to introduce any beta-level bugs into a...

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114. MT InlineEditor 1.2

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 573 words

A long overdue update to the InlineEditor plugin. For those that don't remember, this plugin allows you to edit entries and comments without leaving your weblog as illustrated by this animation. This plugin includes plenty of new features: • It is much simplier to enable Inline Editing on a blog now, simply click a link and the necessary files will be downloaded from and installed • Implementation of Inline Editing both of comments and entries has become far easier. Simply make 3 changes to your templates! • Saving is done through Perl which means its far more secure and works far more efficiently than previous versions (thanks Brad!) • Inline comment editing now defaults...

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115. Consulting

Movalog, News, 25 KB, 475 words

I've started somewhat of a consulting business. If you want me to install MT or any other scripts, plugins, hacks or perform any tasks on your MT install for example installing and configuring plugins etc. just contact me via the form on the Ask Arvind page for a free price quote. Prices will depend on number of factors including things like workload involved. You can use the form for a free quote, but please provide the following details: • What you need done • What host and system type you will need it installed on - eg Linux server etc. • When you need it done by

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116. PowerRebuild 1.1

Movalog, Tutorials, 25 KB, 512 words

Some of you may remember the RebuildBlogs plugin I had created that allowed you to selectively rebuild multiple blogs at once. Although the plugin worked as is with 3.2, it didn't take advantage of some of its newest features, namely itemset actions. Itemset actions are basically the drop down menu you see on all the listing pages that allow you to mass-manipulate a certain object. These drop down menus affectively destroyed the need for RebuildBlogs to have any interface whatsoever because it could hook directly into Movable Type's interface.

However, I felt that simply populating the weblog listing itemset actions was not enough, as a result PowerRebuild was born and is the official...

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117. Movalog: MT News Archives

Movalog, News, 21 KB, 640 words

Page: 1 1 Page.

3.2 Public Beta

UPDATE The beta blog is live. Read all the entries and download 3.2, there's plenty to play with! Jay's just posted an announcement to ProNet with some juicy details. Movable Type 3.2 will be going into a beta sometime tomorrow...

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Posted on 07/14/2005 | Permalink | Comments (7)

MT 3.1 Screenshots

Movable Type 3.1 is the feature upgrade that everyone was looking for in 3.0D. There are three main new features, dynamic templating, post scheduling and subcategories. Lets take a tour around these new features. These are some screenshots from the...

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118. href="#" & edit_categories.tmpl

Movalog, Tutorials, 25 KB, 513 words

One major annoyance with the categories screen, when you click one of the links to create a top level or subcategory, you are thrown to the top of the page and need to scroll down to enter in the category label. A quick fix.

Open up tmpl/cms/edit_categories.tmpl. Replace all instances of a href="#" with a href="javascript:void(0)"

Essentially, the difference between a href="#" and a href="javascript:void(0)" is that a href="#" throws you to the top of the page and you have to scroll down, a href="javascript:void(0)" doesn't!

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119. Quickpost Title

Movalog, Tutorials, 26 KB, 623 words

It's been a while since I posted a hack so here's a quick one. Someone on ProNet asked how, whilst quickposting, to have the title of the page appear in the Entry Title field instead of/as well as the Entry Body field.

This is quite simple, in lib/MT/App/, around line 905, find

$param{text} = sprintf qq(<a title="%s" href="%s">%s</a> %s), scalar $q->param('link<em>title'), scalar $q->param('link</em>href'), scalar $q->param('link_title'), $param{text};

The next step depends on what you want. If you want the link title to appear in the Entry Title field and nothing in the Entry Body, then replace the above code with what is...

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120. PHP Dirification

Movalog, Tutorials, 25 KB, 520 words

As I mentioned before, I ported a few plugins I was using to the dynamic system. The first of the plugins I ported was for dashify my urls (replaces the spaces with dashes rather than underscores like in dirify).

I mainly use the very simple Dashify plugin to dashify my titles so here's a php port - modifier.dashify.php however for those of you that prefer to use the more powerful DirifyPlus I've made a php port for it too - modifier.dirifyplus.php.

To ensure that the files are formatted correctly I recommend you right click the links and click save as. Upload them to your php/plugins/ directory to enable them.

Syntaxing remains the same e.g. <MTEntryTitle dashify="1"> or...

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