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61. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Movable Type Spam Vulnerability

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 243 words

The "Email this to a friend" functionality in the mt-send-entry.cgi script is vulnerable to being used by spammers to send spam messages. In principle, all "email this to a friend" programs are vulnerable to being used by spammers, because they allow the user to specify a To: address and a message body. But in practice, MT's implementation of this is not as robust as it should be, and a new version is available below.

This fix is already included in all versions of MT 2.64 downloaded from today on.

If you're not using this functionality at all, we recommend that you simply remove mt-send-entry.cgi from your MT directory. MT doesn't have any hooks to use this script by default...

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62. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Developing Movable Type Plugins

Six Apart News, News, 12 KB, 127 words

Timothy Appnel has published a fantastic guide to developing plugins for Movable Type. He discusses adding simple tags to the templating system, creating text formatting plugins, and using the data persistence framework to store plugin data. This is a great tutorial for beginning plugin authors, and will hopefully open up plugin authoring to a new group of developers.

In other plugin-related news--if you haven't seen it recently, is the best resource for finding and using MT plugins. A bugtracking system was added recently to get users in touch with plugin developers about problems with the plugins.

Previous Entry:...

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63. Six Apart - Movable Type News - audblog Supports Movable Type

Six Apart News, News, 12 KB, 76 words

The audblog service has announced that they now offer support for Movable Type. audblog allows you to post audio entries from a phone; entries are posted to your weblog using XML-RPC. They use RSD to easily discover your XML-RPC URL and blog ID, so you'll need to make sure that your MT installation supports RSD.

Previous Entry: Milestones

Next Entry: The Screen Savers on Styles

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Among the expected features of a weblogging content management system (hosted locally on your server, template driven, highly-configurable, permalinks...), the first release of MOVABLE TYPE will have incorporated these added features. • Extensible, library-driven code. • Multiple output templates to enable one-click publishing to multiple destinations. • Entry categorization and grouping. • Built-in support for RSS syndication. • Custom variable and template inclusion, for encapsulation of commonly used HTML. • Support for multiple weblogs/journals. • Multiple archiving options: daily/weekly/monthly/categorical, or each entry on its own individual page. • Comment system, either inline or in...

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65. First Movable Type 3.2 Thoughts

Don't Back Down, News, 15 KB, 1296 words

Now that I've played with the Movable Type 3.2 Beta for a bit, I have a thought. That thought is that it seems to me as if Six Apart is going for the ease-of-use crowd (in other words, people who haven't used it and for who it needs to be easy). This, in and of itself, isn't really a Bad Thing™.

But it does bug me when that line is crossed and the older users (uh, that's me), who have already taken that curve, get thrown for another one simply to make it easier for new users. So the existing crowd has to learn over and over, to make it easier for new people? I don't like that.

Two examples.

First, View Site. This friendly link has been lurking in the top navigation bar of the...

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66. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Movable Type Version 2.5

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 174 words

Here are some of the features to expect in MT version 2.5, scheduled to be released later this month: • Localization: the MT interface can be available in multiple languages, on a per-author setting. German is slated to be the initial language available at the time of this release; other languages will be available at a later date. • Integration of Jay Allen's MT-Search. • Ability to ping and other services that accept pings adhering to the XML-RPC interface. • "Keywords/Metadata" field added to entries. • More accessible default templates that follow guidelines from Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Accessibility. • Update pings (eg,, etc) are now sent...

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67. Smart templating with Movable Type

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 75 KB, 2581 words

A little while ago I converted my site to use the Smarty for dynamic templating. I'm still using Movable Type for the content management though. Click the 'more' link for an overview of how it all works together...

Smart Templates

The Smarty template engine for PHP is pretty sweet. There's a lot of power in dynamic template rendering. The most important for me is that I can change the shape of my...

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68. Blog Feedback Settings in Movable Type 3.2

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 21 KB, 852 words

We've worked hard to make sure all the configuration settings for your weblogs are more intuitively organized and simplified, while still retaining all the power and control that Movable Type affords.

New in Movable Type 3.2 is a reorganization of weblog configuration into a few weblog settings screens. One of the most notable is the Feedback settings, which govern comments and TrackBacks. At the simplest level, there's a blog-level on/off switch for both comments and TrackBacks, and the options for each have been reduced to cover all the common scenarios for enabling feedback on a blog. You can easily require authentication, make it optional, or not require it at all, and it's...

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69. Movable Type Resource Sites

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 22 KB, 750 words

Fortunately for those of use who use Movable Type, there are several folks who devote much of their free time to understanding, exploring, and extending the capabilities of MT, and are willing to share that knowledge with the rest of us.

Here's my roundup of good sites (in addition to LMT) to investigate while learning how to use Movable Type (I will add to this list over time): Movable Type Support Forums - The MT Forums should be your first stop for questions regarding Movable Type. Before posting, read this thread which will explain general rules of conduct and the best way to find answers. Generally, play nice, read the MT Manual (3.2) ( for 3.1 and earlier) first, and try a search...

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70. Improved Documentation in Movable Type 3.2

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 18 KB, 781 words

Given the scope of changes, fixes, and improvements in Movable Type 3.2, it was clear that simply updating our existing documentation for the new version wouldn’t be enough. So Movable Type 3.2 features a completely rewritten set of documentation for the platform that's more task-oriented than ever.

The twelve-chapter (plus appendices) tome is a recipe book for doing nearly anything in Movable Type and makes it easy to not only understand but to utilize the full potential of the software.

What's more, as a blogging company, there's nothing more that we value than our community's feedback and expertise so we'll be enabling community feedback on every single page to make sure the...

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71. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 17 KB, 660 words


UTF-8 Dirify bug and patch

Today we are releasing a patch to fix an issue for customers running Movable Type versions 3.16 or 3.17 and using UTF-8 character encoding on their weblogs. Specifically, a bug introduced in Movable Type 3.16 causes the dirify routine to preserve dashes in transformed text where, historically, it has suppressed them. This could be problematic because the dirify routine is used to create all URLs in Movable Type.

While default Movable Type installations are not adversely affected by this bug, there are certain common or legacy customizations (which will be detailed below) that could cause problems. For that reason,...

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72. Movable Type International releases

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 18 KB, 637 words

As noted on the Movable Type homepage, we've released four new international versions of Movable Type. The details for purchasing licenses are explained on the Movable Type site, but we wanted to take the time to give a little more explanation to our Professional Network community about how the new versions work.

First, the Spanish, French, Dutch, and German translations are all official professional translations of Movable Type. In addition to the application interface, all of the documentation has been localized to each of the supported languages, as have the default templates. (The Dutch release currently contains only English documentation.)

The Movable Type Store interface for...

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73. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 16 KB, 711 words


Workflow for Movable Type released

Workflow, a new plugin for Movable Type 3.1x, has just been released by David Raynes. While we don't usually feature new plugins as part of our news about the Movable Type platform, we thought it was worth pointing out because Workflow adds a powerful new area of functionality, and also marks a milestone for the growth of our plugin community.

First, the features: Workflow lets you limit control of publshing rights to certain authors in your Movable Type installation, allowing other people on the system to act as editors and review entries before they're published. Administrators can control who has rights to...

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74. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 14 KB, 431 words


The Good Book(s)

Most people who know and use Movable Type are extremely web savvy, but that doesn't mean they don't still want to sit down with a good book sometimes. We've rounded up a few books that would be of interest for almost any Movable Type user, from newbies to experts.

One of the most popular titles is Rogers Cadenhead's Movable Type Bible Desktop Edition. Though Rogers has gained some fame from having registered the new Pope's name as a domain name, he's been tasteful enough to refrain from promoting the fact that he's written a bible himself. Aside from the restraint he's shown, the book is great for its in-depth coverage of the...

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75. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 16 KB, 701 words


Movable Type 3.0

We realize that official news has been scarce over the last 6-9 months. During this time, our company has grown from two people to seven, and we have launched TypePad. Now that we have hired more engineering resources (and we are still looking for more), we are able to focus again on our Movable Type product line. As mentioned in this post on the Six Log, we're focusing on releasing more personal features in the basic Movable Type package, and concentrating features for businesses, organizations, and large content-driven sites into Movable Type Pro (which, needless to say, has been delayed).

The next version of Movable Type...

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76. Brad Choate on Tags for Movable Type

Six Apart Pronet Articles, Tutorials, 11 KB, 878 words

With the newest addition to our collection of Power Tools, we've made some interesting new functionality available for Movable Type users. The Tags plugin lets you easily add tags to your Movable Type entries, by modifying the Keyword entry field to allow you to enter tags, and automatically creating categories for each of the tags you submit. Creating archives for tags or including the tags in your XML feeds then becomes simple.

The Tags plugin also makes use of Movable Type's alternate application template functionality.

Brad Choate is one of our developers on the Movable Type team, and long before that he was a member of the Movable Type development community. Brad created Tags both in response to demand for a better user experience for labeling content and to show off some of the newly-polished features in Movable Type....

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77. Movable Type Weblog powered by MTLookup

Movable Type Weblog, Tutorials, 17 KB, 647 words

When I started to work with fulltext search in Movable Type, I enhanced my Movable Type Weblog with a native MySQL fulltext search engine. Later I created a new website called MTLookup, which could be used for searching several websites at the same time.

After MTLookup was released, the search within the Movable Type Weblog was still based on the initial release: no Google-like keyphrase, only my weblog being indexed, some of the most recent articles not included at all.

Starting today, the search within the Movable Type Weblog will be powered by MTLookup, making all the enhancements of MTLookup available within the Movable Type Weblog.

Some more details

Although both websites - the...

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78. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 16 KB, 665 words


Movable Type 3.14 released

We have just released Movable Type v3.14 which fixes the issue of extreme loads witnessed on servers under the strain of a massive spam attack. Because these attacks are increasing in both frequency and severity, we strongly recommend that all Movable Type users install this update. This is particularly important for any installation that is visible to the public on the web.

This release is a free update for Movable Type v3.x users and has been thoroughly tested both in-house, by our ProNet members and also by many of the web hosting companies initially affected by the problem. If you already purchased Movable Type...

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79. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 17 KB, 770 words


Announcing Movable Type 3.2

We're proud to announce that Movable Type 3.2 is now available. This release improves upon what is already the most powerful blogging platform by offering a better experience at every step. This new version combines the strengths and innovations you have come to expect from Movable Type over the past four years, boosted by the addition of over 100 unique new features that will help your blogs truly shine.

Best of all, it's a free update for any licensed user of Movable Type 3.x. Personal users will be happy to find that the Free edition now offers unlimited blogs. And personal users who want a multi-user license...

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80. Integrating Your Site Design into Movable Type

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 29 KB, 835 words


I've just installed Movable Type. How do I integrate my current site design into the system, so that the pages will now be updated with my Movable Type data whenever I publish a new entry?


Because each person's site is unique, there's not really a "one size fits all" way of integration with Movable Type; it's a process that differs according to your own preferences and needs. Overall, the best way to familiarize yourself with how the system works is to set up a test blog in a separate area of your site, and then make...

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