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121. Sitemap

Movable Type Weblog, Links, 19 KB, 491 words

Usually a weblog is not the best place to give a good introduction into a certain subject. The author writes about whatever he wants. He doesn't care whether the current entry fits to the last entry or not. With this sitemap I want to give a complete listing of all entries and bring some structure into the chaos.

You can also use a simple list or a category-grouped list of all entries.

Why do I start a weblog?

There are probably many reasons for starting a weblog. Maybe you are interesting in mine. • In the Beginning nothing but ProblemsWake up!Trying to be a Global Player


When I first read a weblog I thought its structure was rather difficult to understand....

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122. Getting Started Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 54 KB, 3878 words

With the most difficult part of running Movable Type -- the installation -- behind you, it is time to get started using MT.

It all begins with The Movable Type Content Management System (CMS). This script is the heart and soul of what makes powerful weblog publishing possible.

The CMS contains the majority of the intelligence and work flow that makes Movable Type what it is. Whether it involves posting an entry, adding a colleague as an author, or publishing your content with a whole new style, it is the CMS that is doing the heavy lifting.

By default the CMS script is named mt.cgi, although this...

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123. TrackBack Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 41 KB, 2330 words

We should probably included a full explanation of TrackBack and how it works, but there isn't enough time to do it justice.

Needs refinement. This comes in out of nowhere. better define "resource" and "communication."

Weblog comments still require the use of that particular site's interface and the content is limited to that one weblog unless it is cut, pasted, and posted elsewhere.

Released in August 2002 as both an open protocol and new functionality in MT version 2.2, TrackBack was designed to provide a means of notification through a small message called a ping that establishes a link between...

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124. 2.21 (2002.06.28)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 22 KB, 478 words

2.21 (2002.06.28)

• Very important bug fix to MySQL schema: Changed all *_created_on columns to the datetime type instead of the timestamp type. The latter could have very bad effects if used within the MySQL shell (although through MT's libraries it is not a problem). Thanks to shanson for finding this. • The plugin framework can now create container tags (thanks to Adam Kalsey for pointing out that it couldn't before). • Added encode_xml global tag attribute to escape special XML characters. • Changed default RSS templates to use encode_xml=``1'' rather than...

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125. Posting Entries Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 53 KB, 4094 words

All roads in weblogging lead to posting entries, for without posted entries there is no weblog. It should come as no surprise that the Entries Listing and New/Edit Entry screens are where most users will find themselves when working with Movable Type.

In these screens a user can view what entries are in a weblog, filter them based on certain criteria, make new posts and edit existing ones.

Entries Listing

The Entries Listing screen displays either all the entries for the weblog or just the entries made by you. What gets displayed depends on whether or not you have been granted Edit All Posts access.


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126. 0.02 (2001.09.25)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 22 KB, 592 words

0.02 (2001.09.25)

• Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky) • Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer) • Fix bug with spaces at the ends of lines in mt.cfg file. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer) • Fix bug with saving new entry--author was not being set for the new post. (Matt Haughey) • Fix bug with profile link in header linking to the wrong profile on the entry-editing page for an entry by another author. • Fix bug where creating a new author would switch your login credentials to those of the new author (ie. you...

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127. No Thumbnailing Option When Uploading Images

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 384 words


When I upload an image, I do not get an option to thumbnail it.


The thumbnailing option depends on your server having both the ImageMagick libraries and the Perl module Image::Magick installed and working correctly. You can run mt-check.cgi to see if the module is installed.

If the module is not installed, you'll need to contact your host to request that it be installed. Once Image::Magick is detected and working correctly, the thumbnailing option should be visible.

If it does not, then the problem may be with the ImageMagick...

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128. PerlScript Plugin

Brad Choate, Plugins, 141 KB, 5891 words

<MTPerlScript> is tag for Movable Type templates. If you know how to write Perl code, this custom tag gives you remarkable flexibility in producing pages from Movable Type. You can literally do any kind of manipulation you can think of using your Movable Type data.

This tag was written with a 'trust-the-programmer' mentality (or in this case, the template writer). There aren't any restrictions...

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129. Bad ObjectDriver config

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 27 KB, 401 words


When running the script, I get an error message that says Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config.


If no further information follows the error, this means mt-config.cgi1 has not been properly configured for your database; specifically, that you have not uncommented2 any of the database settings so that Movable Type will know which one you want to use.

If the error is followed by more information which includes Connection error, see Connection Errors (MySQL).

If the error is followed by more information which says Your DataSource directory ('/path/to/database/directory') does not exist....

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130. Running Movable Type with suexec or cgiwrap

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 23 KB, 470 words

Running Movable Type with suexec or cgiwrap


You want to make your Movable Type system more secure with suexec or cgiwrap.


Run the system under cgiwrap or suexec.


cgiwrap and suexec are special tools on the web server that allow your CGI scripts to be executed as "you", rather than as the web server. This simplifies Movable Type installation, because you no longer have to set permissions on your weblog or db directories, although you still need to set the permissions on the CGI scripts themselves. It is also more secure, because your weblog...

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131. MT-DSBL - Open proxy comment filter

Brad Choate, Plugins, 143 KB, 5586 words

DSBL is dead. Long live SpamLookup.

I happened across a WordPress plugin for checking the IP of a commenter against list and it was one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. So naturally, I ported it to MT.


Requirements: Movable Type 3.1 or later (since it uses the MT 3 callback system and I think the ones I'm using here are new with 3.1). You should also have the CPAN Net::DNS package installed. It can also use the nslookup utility, but it's less efficient that way.

Installation is easy, just drop either or...

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132. Known Issues with the Latest Version

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 847 words


A list of all known issues in the latest version of Movable Type. Please be sure to review this list before using the product or opening a support ticket.


As of Version 3.16, released April 18, 2005 • Configuration • A new application method ("app_path") prevents the login cookie from being set when Movable Type is installed in the root folder, rather than a subfolder. See Keep getting login screen for the solution. • Archives • It is impossible to produce files with no file extension by using the File extension for archive...

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133. Basic Support

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 27 KB, 493 words


What is the definition of "Basic Support" as included with my license?


Basic Support covers reasonable use of the online ticket support system to request assistance with using the features of Movable Type in the manner for which they were designed.

Basic Support does not cover items such as the following: • Logging into your installation or hosting account to perform standard user functions • Server configuration or set-up • Installation of required or optional modules • Step-by-step assistance with installations or upgrades1 • Third-party plugins or any of the...

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134. My Host Doesn't Have Image::Magick

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 27 KB, 521 words


I'd like to be able to create thumbnails of uploaded images, but my host doesn't have Image::Magick.


As of version 2.3 of Movable Type, an alternate method of creating thumbnails is supported, using the NetPBM suite of tools. If your system has NetPBM but not Image::Magick, you'll need to do the following:

Install Perl Module

Install the IPC::Run Perl module, which Movable Type uses to talk to the NetPBM tools. Download this file from Six Apart.

On your FTP server, create a new folder called IPC within your extlib folder. Then upload the...

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136. Author Has No Permissions

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 27 KB, 537 words


I created a new author name for myself and deleted Melody. Now I have no permissions.


Note: The information in this article applies only to versions below 3.2.

One of the reasons the installation instructions tell you to change Melody's information to your own (rather than deleting her) is that her author name is granted full permissions upon creation. By changing her information to yours, you will have all of those same permissions by default.

Newly created authors do not have all the available permissions upon creation, so if...

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137. Changelog Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 216 KB, 20293 words

• Initial beta release

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0.02 (2001.09.25)

• Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky) • Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)...

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138. Suggest Search

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1291 words

UPDATE files are bundled in an archive.

I was very impressed with the WordPress Suggest plugin and wanted to port it over to MT. The porting was easy but the query was very slow and pulled some bad results from the database. Chad helped me last night and we had almost cleaned it up until v0.2 was released which seems to have fixed the problems I had. Try it using the search form on the sidebar.

This plugin is similar to LiveSearch (and the MT implementation) however the difference is it lets you keep the mt-search.cgi functionality which I liked. Also this plugin works slightly differently to LiveSearch, I prefer this!

Implementing it with MT is very easy, you need to have PHP and be...

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139. Entries Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 41 KB, 1663 words

By default, Movable Type offers two formatting options for the text in your entries: None and Convert Line Breaks. The former leaves your entry intact without any conversion and is appropriate for HTML-formatted entries. The latter includes basic formatting of paragraphs and line breaks allowing you to write as you would normally.

The Movable Type Plugin API allows you to add additional options via plugins such as the popular Markdown and Textile.

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140. Movable Type Weblog powered by MTLookup

Movable Type Weblog, Tutorials, 17 KB, 647 words

When I started to work with fulltext search in Movable Type, I enhanced my Movable Type Weblog with a native MySQL fulltext search engine. Later I created a new website called MTLookup, which could be used for searching several websites at the same time.

After MTLookup was released, the search within the Movable Type Weblog was still based on the initial release: no Google-like keyphrase, only my weblog being indexed, some of the most recent articles not included at all.

Starting today, the search within the Movable Type Weblog will be powered by MTLookup, making all the enhancements of MTLookup available within the Movable Type Weblog.

Some more details

Although both websites - the...

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