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41. Six Apart - Movable Type News

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The even more improved User Manual

As most of you know, simultaneous with the release of Movable Type 3.2, we introduced the new and vastly improved User Manual. The manual is built using Movable Type and offers to all of our customers not only an excellent search functionality but the ability to give feedback directly on every single item.

Of course, with any major change, there are always things that fall through the cracks and this was no exception. You let us know through the comments on the manual and many blog posts that the manual still needed some work. So a few weeks ago we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on filling in the...

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42. What Are Your "Essential" Plugins?

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There are gobs of plugins available for Movable Type. I'd bet that most people who use version 3.2 are using the SpamLookup and Nofollow plugins, and many of you probably have at least a few others installed.

Of all the plugins you use, what are the three most essential? (Yes, you have to narrow it down to three!) Which ones make your site run the way it does, provide you the options you want, or otherwise improve your Movable Type installation?

My favorite three? • SpamLookup is essential for keeping a site spam-free. It does a great job, but you probably already knew that. • SmartyPants provides typographically-correct punctuation: curly quotes, ellipsis, and em-dashes...

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43. 3.17 (2005.06.02)

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3.17 (2005.06.02)

• Once an entry or category has been set to receive TrackBack pings, disabling pings for it through the UI will not actually refuse pings to that item but will suppress display of those pings. • Rebuilds will fail silently after saving an entry if a problem exists in your templates (for example, mismatched tags or a missing include module). An error will be shown, however, upon manual rebuild using the "Rebuild Site" functionality. • The nofollow plugin will cause a spurious warning for users with older versions of Perl upon running...

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44. A Safe Way to Upgrade to MT 3.2

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Upgrading or installing Movable Type can be rather intimidating. There are few things I have screwed up so badly attempting, even when they say it is super easy, idiot-proof. I always seem to be the idiot who still can't make it work. I have now upgraded two separate MT installs to MT 3.2 and thought I would share my notes with you. Please note that Jay Allen (Product Manager of Movable Type), Chad Everett (of Don't Back Down and Everitz Consulting), and Arvind Satyanarayan ( Movalog) have all helped me at various stages in upgrading, and if I didn't have friends who knew what they were doing, honestly I just wouldn't attempt this on my own. But that's me, and I have over 20 blogs...

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45. Trackback Spam

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Update April 9, 2005: Brad Choate has released a new anti-spam plugin called SpamLookup. Jay Allen, the creator of MT-Blacklist recommends SpamLookup over MT-Blacklist.

Spammers have discovered Trackback and have recently been leaving their trail of unwelcome links all over the blogosphere. To get a sense of what we are up against, read The Register's interview with a link spammer. Listed here are some defensive measures you can take.


As with comment spam, your first recourse is Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist. The blacklist will help you delete the trackbacks and ban the URLs the spammers leave. Note that if you are using MT2.661 and MT-Blacklist 1.65, Jay has special instructions for deleting trackback spam pings....

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46. Installation and Upgrade Archives

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Movable Type is the premier weblog publishing platform for businesses, organizations, developers, and web designers. Powerful customization gives you control over everything you publish and the elegant interface keeps things simple and clear.


• Unlimited Blogging

Movable Type offers the ability to publish an unlimited number of blogs quickly and easily through a single installation of the application. And the platform supports posting by as many authors as you need, with no limit on the numbers of entries, comments, or TrackBacks the system supports. • Powerful management...

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47. Announcements

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Learning Movable Type is now hosted on a new server and now has its own domain name - In the process of changing servers and changing URLs, we may have created some broken links or other site hiccups. If you encounter something that just doesn't seem to be working properly, please email me using the contact form.

Humongous thanks to Chad and Arvind for their invaluable assistance with this move.

If you link to Learning Movable Type (and we hope you do) please, please, please change the URL in your link to the new one. That way, Google will find us more easily, and those using Google to find things regarding Movable Type will find us more easily too....

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48. Introducing SpamLookup

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Yes, it's another anti-spam plugin. I would have called it MT-DSBL 2.0, but the feature set grew beyond the name, so a more generic name was chosen. This is a 2.0 release however… the plugin deserves more seniority than a 1.0 release, since it was built of the carcass that was MT-DSBL 1.1.

The first beta release is now available. Please visit the project page for SpamLookup to download it.

So, what does this thing do? Well, in a nutshell: • Filters inbound comments for all installed weblogs. • Filters inbound TrackBack pings for all installed weblogs. • Checks IP address of sender against DNSBL services....

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49. MT-DSBL - Open proxy comment filter

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DSBL is dead. Long live SpamLookup.

I happened across a WordPress plugin for checking the IP of a commenter against list and it was one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. So naturally, I ported it to MT.


Requirements: Movable Type 3.1 or later (since it uses the MT 3 callback system and I think the ones I'm using here are new with 3.1). You should also have the CPAN Net::DNS package installed. It can also use the nslookup utility, but it's less efficient that way.

Installation is easy, just drop either or...

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