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81. Configuration Directives Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 191 KB, 7959 words

This section of the appendix details all configuration directives that can be defined in mt-config.cgi. Through use of these directives, you can control numerous aspects of the system.

Except for those which define things specific to your system (e.g. CGIPath and your database settings), all of them have defaults set by Movable Type. This means that not every directive will appear in mt-config.cgi. If you wish to override the default for a setting which does not appear in the file, simply add it and the desired value to your mt-config.cgi.


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82. Comments Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 67 KB, 5029 words

Weblogs are not just a one-way medium for publishing. With the use of a singular, often conversational voice, enhanced by the loosely coupled nature of the Internet and lightweight syndication formats, weblogs are akin to conversations, regardless of the size and makeup of the audience. "A" writes about something on their mind -- an experience, the news, or a project's status. "B" reads it and expresses their take. "C" finds both posts interesting and notes something A and B has not mentioned and so on.

Not everyone has a weblog (sadly) and not everyone wants to make a post to their weblog for everything...

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83. Concerning Spam

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 27 KB, 1771 words

Updated August 29, 2005. Originally posted in 2004.

Spammers have discovered bloggers and sooner or later if you allow comments or trackback pings on your weblog you will get spammed.

Blog spam appears in many flavors:

1) Basic comment spam. The spammer leaves a short uneventful message in a comment field in one of your entries. The spam comes from the URL placed in the comments URL field. These URLs link back to every conceivable scam. The spammers leave URLs here to create a link from your site to theirs, thus increasing their Google ranking. Spammers are also now linking to legitimate sites that have not cleared their pages of comment spam, thus increasing the Google rank...

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84. Touch of Hope: A Technical Colophon

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 58 KB, 1826 words

The Touch of Hope web site is powered by Movable Type. It's more than your average blog site though. Don't let it's blogging slant fool you-- MT is a budding CMS!

The architecture is like this: • 1 blog for the site's basic content: welcome page, about page, Art for Hope page, request a site page, make a donation page, contact us page and the news and updates content. All of this is in...

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85. Backing Up Your Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1993 words


Occassionally databases get corrupted, servers fail or web hosts go out of business. So it's a good idea to back up your Movable Type blogs. There are many methods for doing so, a few of which I will cover here. The back-up process is much easier if you are using MySQL as your database, which, by the way, is one good reason to use MySQL over the default Berkeley DB.


TypeMover is a new plugin for the purpose of backing up, restoring, and/or migrating your Movable Type weblog. It is compatible with MT3 and later versions of Movable Type. From the TypeMover website:

TypeMover is a MovableType plugin. It adds backup, restore and migration features that let you get...

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86. How to Make Money with Your Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 35 KB, 2619 words

If you are putting hours into writing content for your blog, you may want to make a few bucks (or more) to help pay for hosting charges and other costs associated with running it. Some bloggers find that they can make more than just small change, but most not enough to quit their day job. In any case, here are a few of the more popular methods.

Several ways by which you can make money with your weblog include Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, various other affiliate programs, advertising, and donations. Keep in mind that the success of these programs is highly dependent upon your content and the level of traffic you get to your site.

Google Adsense

Since its launch in the spring...

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87. Collapsing Entries and Comments

PubHacks, Tutorials, 8 KB, 360 words

Required: Java

This wasn't nearly as hard as it looks. I'm reprinting it here (adjusted for what I said) because things on the net tend to disappear when you aren't looking.

Here's the two functions you need. Put these at the top of your page (**needed on EVERY page you want to do this collapse/expand thingy**)

<script language="javascript"> function showMore(varA1, varB1){ var123 = ('varXYZ' + (varA1)); varABC = ('varP' + (varA1)); if( document.getElementById ) { if( document.getElementById(var123).style.display ) { if( varB1 != 0 ) { document.getElementById(var123).style.display = "block"; document.getElementById(varABC).style.display = "none"; } else {...

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88. MT-Notifier 1.2.0

Don't Back Down, News, 14 KB, 857 words

I've just released an updated version of MT-Notifier. Most of the changes are behind-the-scenes, and you won't see much different about the operation. However, there are a couple of new features, notably an enhanced ability to specify the "from" address on your outgoing notifications.

While versions prior to 1.2.0 had a $SENDER variable defined inside the module, versions 1.2.0 and higher will store this information in the plugindata table, along with the subscription information. This also allows a default address to be set on a per-blog or a per-installation basis.

If you have a version of MT-Notifier prior to 1.2.0 and would like to upgrade, simply copy the contents of...

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89. Installing MT-Blacklist

PubHacks, Tutorials, 7 KB, 420 words

Required: MT3x, Plugin Pack

Installing MT-Blacklist from the plug-in pack. (I'm going to do some directory structure stuff here because the way this stuff unzips is just plain fucked up. I like to keep the files for one program separate from the files for other programs, because I like to be able to go into a directory and find everything there I need to make a plugin work. I'm wacky that way.)

1. Download the plugin pack and unzip it to a folder called "pluginpack".

2. In this folder there should now be 7 zip files and 5 text files.

3. Create a folder in there called "BL". (I'm calling it "BL" so as not to create confusion when later on the zip file creates a folder called...

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90. Avoiding duplicate comments and trackback pings

PubHacks, Tutorials, 9 KB, 524 words

(Reprinted from here)

When a visitor submits a comment, sometimes it takes a while for the comment page to refresh to reflect that their comment was successfully added. During this time, the user may click the "Post" button again (and again) which causes their comment to be submitted multiple times.

This hack modifies MovableType to simply ignore the same comment being entered multiple times for an entry. Two comments are considered the same if the comment text and the name, email address and url of the comment auther are exactly the same.

The original post says if you are using Blacklist you need to modify the file. This is not true if you are using Version 1.62 because Jay Allen took the mail functions out. So if you are using Blacklist, you should modify exlib/jayallen/ For trackbacks, modify

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91. Can I Control The Names Of My Files?

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 28 KB, 691 words


I don't like the default filenames Movable Type assigns to my files. Can these be changed?


Yes, you can control these filenames.

Index Templates

For Index Templates, you can change the Output File name on the Edit Template screen.

Archive Templates

For Archive Templates, you can use Archive File Templates (on the Settings > Publishing screen, under Archive Mapping1).

This feature lets you customize the names/paths of your archive files, using standard Movable Type tags. This allows you to impose a directory structure and...

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92. Customized Exports

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 29 KB, 705 words


I'm having trouble getting a full export of my entries using the default export function. Are there other ways I can perform an export?


Movable Type contains a function to export all of the entries in your blog, but that doesn't mean your options stop there. You can easily export a single entry, all entries from one or more categories, or break your exports down by month (helpful for those with large blogs whose server times out on the export).

The secret is in this export format file. By downloading this file and pasting it into...

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93. Converting Berkeley DB Files To New Version

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 29 KB, 833 words


I'm using the Berkeley DB, and after changing hosts/servers, I'm unable to login because the new server has a different version of Berkeley. How do I convert the database files to the new version?


Converting the DB files over to the format used by the new library version can be accomplished in several different ways, depending on the Berkeley DB versions involved. The files that need to be converted are all of the files in your db directory whose filenames end in either .db or .idx (the .lock files do not need to be converted).

The following steps require...

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94. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Movable Type 3.0 Beta Testing

Six Apart News, News, 14 KB, 397 words

We'll be starting the Movable Type 3.0 public beta test next week, the week of April 19. It's taken longer to get to this public beta because we made the decision to extend the alpha process to catch as many bugs as possible before introducing MT3b to the general public.

The alpha testing started about one month ago on March 17, 2004. As anticipated, the alpha uncovered a number of issues that are now fixed, and we thank our alpha testers for their hard work in testing out the software.

If you had applied to be part of the alpha and we missed you, we apologize. As a result of the kinks we encountered during the alpha tester selection process, we've made improvements to the...

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95. List All Entries In Same Month Or Category As Current Entry

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 29 KB, 675 words


How do I show all entries from the same month or category as the current entry on an Individual Archive?


If you want a list on the Individual pages which only shows entries in the same month or category as the entry, you will need to do this with a second Archive Template and a PHP (or SSI) include.

Create The New Template

Navigate to Templates and click the Archives tab1. Click Create New Archive Template.

Assign the template a name of your choosing (to distinguish it from your normal Monthly or Category Archive Template). In...

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96. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 393 words

Skip navigation. • TypePadMovable TypeLiveJournalAbout UsSupport

April 2004


Movable Type 3.0 Beta Testing

We'll be starting the Movable Type 3.0 public beta test next week, the week of April 19. It's taken longer to get to this public beta because we made the decision to extend the alpha process to catch as many bugs as possible before introducing MT3b to the general public.

The alpha testing started about one month ago on March 17, 2004. As anticipated, the alpha uncovered a number of issues that are now fixed, and we thank our alpha...

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97. Connection errors (MySQL)

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 30 KB, 841 words


When running the script, I get an error message that says Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: [some error].


Too many connections

Your MySQL server is not permitting any more connections to your database; you'll need to contact your host for resolution of this error.

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/path/to/socket'

• If your SQL database server is on localhost, but the socket is not in a standard location, you'll need to set the path using the DBSocket setting in mt-config.cgi1: DBSocket /path/to/mysql.sock...

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98. Permalinks Point To The Wrong Archive Type

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 368 words


My permalinks are pointing to the wrong archive type. For example, I want them to point to the Individual Entry Archive, but instead they point to the Monthly Archive for the entry.


When you use the MTEntryPermalink tag, Movable Type will create links that point to the archive type you have set as your Preferred Archive Type in Settings > Publishing : Publishing Preferences1.

So, you can either change your Preferred Archive Type to Individual, or you can add the archive_type attribute to the MTEntryPermalink or MTEntryLink tag:...

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99. ExtraFields

Staggernation, Plugins, 29 KB, 3608 words

Many Movable Type users have wished for the ability to define additional custom fields for entries. A future version of MT may include such functionality. This plugin is a stopgap measure until we have a version of Movable Type that allows custom fields. It lets you define custom fields on a per-weblog basis, by creating one or more SQL tables to store the additional data (this plugin has been designed to work only when using MySQL as your MT backend; see below for more on this).

Some users have managed to add custom fields to their copies of Movable Type by modifying the field definitions within MT. See this page and this thread and this thread. However, this approach has several...

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100. Live Comment Preview

PubHacks, Tutorials, 6 KB, 127 words

Required: Java

Here's a little script I went looking for after seeing it on some folk's sites. Piece of cake. Put this in the <head> of your comment listing template:

<!--Script for live comment preview --> <script type="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="Javascript"> <!-- function ReloadTextDiv() { var NewText = document.getElementById("DynamicText").value; var DivElement = document.getElementById("TextDisplay"); DivElement.innerHTML = NewText; } //--> </script>

Then just stick this where you want the live preview to appear:

<span id="TextDisplay"></span>

and put this inside the textarea tag

id="DynamicText" onKeyUp="ReloadTextDiv();"

so it looks like...

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