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161. Glue

Staggernation, Plugins, 8 KB, 443 words

This Movable Type plugin implements a set of template tags for defining a section of text and/or HTML code as "glue" that will appear between items (entries, categories, comments, etc.) in a listing, and will not appear after the last item in the listing. The functionality is similar to that of the glue attribute of Movable Type's MTEntryCategories tag, although the way the plugin is used within a template is somewhat different.


To install the Glue plugin, upload the file to the plugins directory within your Movable Type directory. If you do not already have a plugins directory, create one before uploading the file. For more information about Movable Type plugins, see...

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162. Installation and Upgrade Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 110 KB, 11268 words

Movable Type is the premier weblog publishing platform for businesses, organizations, developers, and web designers. Powerful customization gives you control over everything you publish and the elegant interface keeps things simple and clear.


• Unlimited Blogging

Movable Type offers the ability to publish an unlimited number of blogs quickly and easily through a single installation of the application. And the platform supports posting by as many authors as you need, with no limit on the numbers of entries, comments, or TrackBacks the system supports. • Powerful management...

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163. Trackback Spam

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 43 KB, 3663 words

Update April 9, 2005: Brad Choate has released a new anti-spam plugin called SpamLookup. Jay Allen, the creator of MT-Blacklist recommends SpamLookup over MT-Blacklist.

Spammers have discovered Trackback and have recently been leaving their trail of unwelcome links all over the blogosphere. To get a sense of what we are up against, read The Register's interview with a link spammer. Listed here are some defensive measures you can take.


As with comment spam, your first recourse is Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist. The blacklist will help you delete the trackbacks and ban the URLs the spammers leave. Note that if you are using MT2.661 and MT-Blacklist 1.65, Jay has special instructions for deleting trackback spam pings....

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164. Behind the Scenes - Mark Paschal

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 17 KB, 628 words

Behind The Scenes is a new series where we here at Six Apart discuss what tools (software, technology, etc.) we use to do our work.

Hi, I'm Mark Paschal, a software engineer here at Six Apart. You may know me as markpasc from the MT Support Forum. Here I'll share some of the tools I use in my development work, as well as some of the intranet tools I had a hand in setting up here at the company.

I use putty to connect to our development machines, the main one of which runs Debian Linux. With putty I use screen to open whatever shell-based tools I need open at the same time. I hope it won't damage my geek cred too much to admit that, before I came to Six Apart, my default UNIX text...

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165. Paged content using Movable Type!

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 46 KB, 1207 words

This is a test with paged "more" text... implemented using a couple of PHP tricks. :)

Read on to see it in action and to see how it's done.

The implementation of paged content is pretty simple. I'll use this test entry to explain how I did it. First of all, you'll need PHP 4 installed on your server. You can use this same technique with other server-side tools like ASP, ColdFusion, etc., but this...

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166. UpdateAuthoredOn

Staggernation, Plugins, 6 KB, 310 words

UpdateAuthoredOn is a plugin that modifies the interface of Movable Type. When the plugin is installed, you can click a button to set an entry's Authored On timestamp to the current date and time.


UpdateAuthoredOn requires the BigPAPI plugin, which is included with the UpdateAuthoredOn distribution.

UpdateAuthoredOn is compatible with MT 3.16 and higher.


To install the UpdateAuthoredOn plugin, upload the file to the plugins directory within your Movable Type directory. If is not already present in your plugins directory, upload that as well.

Terms of Use

UpdateAuthoredOn is available free of charge under a Creative Commons license....

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167. Printer-Friendly Pages

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 37 KB, 2673 words

Updated. Originally posted March 29, 2004. Providing printer-friendly versions of your weblog entries can be useful to your weblog readers. For example, my cooking weblog has printer-friendly versions of the recipes like this. Learning Movable Type links to printer-friendly versions at the end of each entry. There are several ways to create printer-friendly versions. I've outlined two methods in this tutorial. The first method is a simple header tag and CSS trick that automatically generates printer-friendly pages whenever someone goes to print a page from your blog. The second method is a bit more involved, creating a printer-friendly archive template with associated...

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168. Typepad or Movable Type?

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 23 KB, 1717 words

People who want to start blogging often ask me which tool they should use, Typepad or Movable Type? 9 times out of 10 my answer is Typepad. That's odd, you might think coming from someone who runs a blog all about Movable Type. The answer has more to do with who is asking the question than the relative merits of either program. Both products are created by the team at Six Apart and both are based on the same technology. The main difference between the two is that Typepad is a fee-based hosted service and Movable Type is software that you license to run on your own server or web host. The reason that I more often recommend Typepad is that, unlike Movable Type, you don't have to...

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169. Weblog Spamming Basics

Movable Type Weblog, Tutorials, 18 KB, 701 words

Most weblogs allow commenting an entry. Unfortunately, this good feature can also be misused. It is very important for a weblog author to understand this subject fully.

Important Note

Six Apart - the developer of Movable Type - is aware of the subject and has written the extensive article Six Apart Guide To Comment Spam. It is definitely worth reading.

What is Spam?

The word Spam describes unwanted email or simple text. Certainly, you have seen it yourself, either in electronic mailboxes or in discussion forums in the internet. Concerning Movable Type this means that a comment is not wanted because of its content or because it appears in multiple copies in a weblog.

For example, such comment...

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170. 3.2 (2005.08.25)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 45 KB, 3336 words

3.2 (2005.08.25)

Major Features

• New dead-simple AJAX-powered installation/upgrade process (see screencast demo) which replaces mt-load.cgi and all mt-upgrade* scripts. Also eliminated the upgrade distribution since only the config file would be different. • Combined mt.cfg and mt-db-pass.cgi into mt-config.cgi. Shipping as mt-config.cgi-original so as to prevent overwriting when upgrading. • Introduced the new System Overview section which allows administrators to configure and manage aspects of the system across all weblogs • Introduced a plugin-based feedback rating framework which scores comments and TrackBacks upon submission on a scale from -10 (least desirable) to 10 (most desirable)...

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171. 3.2 Public Beta

Movalog, News, 29 KB, 927 words

UPDATE The beta blog is live. Read all the entries and download 3.2, there's plenty to play with!

Jay's just posted an announcement to ProNet with some juicy details. Movable Type 3.2 will be going into a beta sometime tomorrow in the afternoon. Here comes the best part of the announcement, its a public beta, what this means is that the beta blog will be an open environment and anyone will be able to download a copy and use it.

I've managed to get my hands on some early test builds and the new release is just staggering. So much has changed that 32 posts simply don't do it justice. Almost every single hack I've ever posted onto Movalog has found its way into this release in one way or...

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172. WeblogsActionMenu

Staggernation, Plugins, 6 KB, 347 words

WeblogsActionMenu is a plugin that modifies the interface of Movable Type.

The dropdown menu of available weblogs in the header of every Movable Type screen is a handy way to jump from one weblog to another. What's not so handy is that you have to first go through the other weblog's menu in order to do anything with that weblog. WeblogsActionMenu lets you jump directly to a specific action for a different weblog than the one you're in.


WeblogsActionMenu requires the BigPAPI plugin, which is included with the WeblogsActionMenu distribution.

WeblogsActionMenu is compatible with MT 3.16 and higher.


To install the WeblogsActionMenu plugin, upload the file

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173. I want Movable Type 3.1

Eat Drink Sleep MT, News, 15 KB, 269 words is built using Six Apart's Movable Type 2.661. It's good software, pretty easy to use, and free. (Well, it was free, anyway.)

When Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition was announced I was left rather underwhelmed by it's few new features. Plus, they started charging for it under certain conditions - which we meet. The "Developer Edition" part bugged me because there was no mention of a non-Developer Edition version - was this for general consumption? I had no interest in the upgrade.

Three months later and Movable Type 3.1 has been announced - a normal, non-Developer Edition, for the rest of us. The exciting part is that...

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174. How to Make a Subject Index for Your Movable Type Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 46 KB, 3451 words

This tutorial is written by LMT guest author Mike Everett-Lane of Ishbadiddle.

A Subject Index can give context to your posts and makes it easier for your readers to browse what you've written on specific topics. Unlike Categories, which are limited, top-down, and hierarchical, Subject tags are open-ended and limitless. While your blog's Category system is like the Table of Contents of a book, a Subject Index is like the book's Index, one that is constantly updated.

First, you might want to read my blog post on how the use of Subject Indexes can improve the organization of your blog. You can see it in action there as well as here on LMT. For instance, here's the index of all my subjects, and the index of all my posts on the subject of...

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A reminder to those of you working away, the Plug In to Movable Type 3.0 developer's contest deadline for submissions is just days away, with entries due by 11:59 PM Pacific time on Tuesday July 6. There's $20,000 in prizes that will soon be in the hands of some lucky developers, and an esteemed panel of judges is awaiting your submission.

If you're still coding away at the last minute, you'll want to review our developer resources as well as the explanation which clarifies what's considered a plugin. In short, any application or feature built on top of Movable Type counts, and you can use whatever tools you'd like, with an eye towards the judging criteria which will be used....

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176. Valid RSS 0.91 feeds from Movable Type

Brad Choate, Tutorials, 46 KB, 886 words

John Gruber found (as I did recently) that the Movable Type RSS 0.91 template doesn't validate using the new RSS validator (kudos to Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby for developing the tool. Mine validates now.). John offers a way to fix it using a new custom plugin, <$MTrfc822BlogTimeZone$>. For those that already have my Regex plugin installed, you can do this instead: <lastBuildDate><MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryDate format="%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S"$> <$MTBlogTimezone regex="s/://"$></MTEntries></lastBuildDate> <pubDate><$MTDate format="%a, %d %b %Y...

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177. Search Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 45 KB, 3290 words

Over time a lot of content will be generated by a site, especially a weblog or news-oriented site. Finding that content in a reverse chronological archive can be difficult and frustrating. Local search can make a site more accessible by providing readers with the means to dynamically zero in on the content they are looking for.

Built-In Search

Movable Type's public search interface originally began as an add-on to MT developed by Jay Allen before formal plug-ins existed. The code was later integrated into MT version 2.5.

The search engine provides a rudimentary means of querying an MT system for...

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178. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 15 KB, 585 words


Testing Begins & More Info about 3.0

We're taking our first steps towards the release of Movable Type 3.0. The pre-beta version has just finished its initial two rounds of alpha testing and we're now opening the testing to a larger audience (we've picked 300 random addresses from those who applied and will be adding more as time progresses).

The testing that we're conducting will not only help ensure a stable final release but will also give us an opportunity to receive feedback on feature implementation from both users and developers.

Starting today, we'll be giving all of our users much more information on what to expect in Movable Type 3.0....

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179. Basic Photo Gallery Templates

Eat Drink Sleep MT, Tutorials, 73 KB, 4269 words

I've assembled some templates to build a photo gallery with Movable Type. What makes mine different and special from all the others? Easy: it's compatible with MT version 3.2. That means it'll work with the StyleCatcher plugin and the Movable Type Style Generator!

The only special requirement to use these templates is PHP. PHP is used to calculate the image size. The plugin Better File Uploader - with its For Photo Gallery button - will make adding photos go much quicker.

I've created a small example gallery, if you're interested in seeing the result before trying it yourself.

Setup a New Weblog

First, you'll want to create a new...

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180. Creating a Photo Album

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 46 KB, 3769 words

Looking for a way to incorporate a Photo Gallery into your MT blog? Check out Photo Gallery Templates from

There are many ways to create a web-based photo album or photoblog in Movable Type. This tutorial addresses just one method for creating a photo album, and is based on the steps I took to create my MT-based photo album. This tutorial is for experienced MT users and assumes familiarity with plugins, CSS, creating a new weblog, category archiving, and uploading images. Although long, the tutorial is easier than it looks, especially if you want a photo album that works just like mine. It's always the customizations that take time. In this tutorial I will give...

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