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101. Introduction

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 33 KB, 2011 words


Movable Type is the premier weblog publishing platform for businesses, organizations, developers, and web designers. Powerful customization gives you control over everything you publish and the elegant interface keeps things simple and clear.


• Unlimited Blogging

Movable Type offers the ability to publish an unlimited number of blogs quickly and easily through a single installation of the application. And the platform supports posting by as many authors as you need, with no limit on the numbers of entries, comments, or TrackBacks the system...

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102. Introduction

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 32 KB, 1761 words


One of Movable Type's most powerful traits is its flexibility to adapt to practically any weblog design or use you can imagine. For the average user, most of this flexibility comes from Movable Type's template engine.

The template engine is crucial to automating the process of publishing and is what makes a publishing system go. When a rebuild is performed, templates are merged with content to create a page that visitors can view in their browsers.

These templates are what control the design and layout of your site and what keeps that design separate from the...

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103. Basic Photo Gallery Templates

Eat Drink Sleep MT, Tutorials, 73 KB, 4269 words

I've assembled some templates to build a photo gallery with Movable Type. What makes mine different and special from all the others? Easy: it's compatible with MT version 3.2. That means it'll work with the StyleCatcher plugin and the Movable Type Style Generator!

The only special requirement to use these templates is PHP. PHP is used to calculate the image size. The plugin Better File Uploader - with its For Photo Gallery button - will make adding photos go much quicker.

I've created a small example gallery, if you're interested in seeing the result before trying it yourself.

Setup a New Weblog

First, you'll want to create a new...

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104. How to Make a Subject Index for Your Movable Type Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 46 KB, 3451 words

This tutorial is written by LMT guest author Mike Everett-Lane of Ishbadiddle.

A Subject Index can give context to your posts and makes it easier for your readers to browse what you've written on specific topics. Unlike Categories, which are limited, top-down, and hierarchical, Subject tags are open-ended and limitless. While your blog's Category system is like the Table of Contents of a book, a Subject Index is like the book's Index, one that is constantly updated.

First, you might want to read my blog post on how the use of Subject Indexes can improve the organization of your blog. You can see it in action there as well as here on LMT. For instance, here's the index of all my subjects, and the index of all my posts on the subject of...

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105. Basic Photo Gallery Templates

Eat Drink Sleep MT, Tutorials, 80 KB, 5741 words

I've assembled some templates to build a photo gallery with Movable Type. What makes mine different and special from all the others? Easy: it's compatible with MT version 3.2. That means it'll work with the StyleCatcher plugin and the Movable Type Style Generator!

The only special requirement to use these templates is PHP. PHP is used to calculate the image size. The plugin Better File Uploader - with its For Photo Gallery button - will make adding photos go much quicker.

I've created a small example gallery, if you're interested in seeing the result before trying it yourself.

Setup a New Weblog

First, you'll want to create a new...

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106. Multiple Categories and Hierarchies

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 825 words

After a lot of requests, its finally here. This hack will give you a more powerful listing whilst assigning multiple categories to an entry that includes the category hierarchies. As usual open up lib/MT/App/ and around line 2772 find

$cats{ $cat->id } = $cat->label;

(make sure it is in the edit_placements subroutine) and replace it with

my @cats = $cat->parent_categories; @cats = ($cat, @cats); my $glue = " > "; my @res; while (my $c = pop @cats) { my $label = $c->label; push @res, $label; } $cats{ $cat->id } = join $glue, @res;

Finally open up tmpl/edit_placements.tmpl and replace the two occurances of style="width: 175px;" with style="min-width: 175px;"...

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107. Moving your MT Blogs to a New Server or Web Host

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 34 KB, 3291 words

Moving your Movable Type blog to a new server or to a new host is much more perilous than you might think. If not done properly, you could lose all of your entries. I recently went through this exercise and what saved me was a set of instructions from MT user Russcam. What I've done here is reworked Russcam's instructions for what worked for me with moving a site with multiple MT blogs. In some cases in this document I copy his words, word for word. I may get skewered for plagarism here, but I hate PDFs and need a web-findable record of what I did. This is essentially Russ's work, with my tweeks and ammendments. Please leave comments, questions, or proposed amendments in the...

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108. Category Archive Pages

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 22 KB, 1077 words

The tips in this tutorial are designed around the templates for MT 2.661 and earlier versions.

Once you have set up category archiving, the next step is to customize the category archive display pages. The default Category Archive Template that comes with Movable Type lists the whole entries (not excerpts), doesn't tell the viewer what category she is actually viewing, and has no intuitive link back to the home page. We'll address these issues here.

1. Listing excerpts instead of full entries. You may want to keep the archives as is, with full entries. But if you have few categories and lots of entries you will soon have very large and long category pages. Changing to excerpts...

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109. ProNet: December 2004 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 61 KB, 5098 words


MT-Blacklist v2.03-beta

As part of the ongoing efforts against comment spam, Jay Allen has released Blacklist v2.03-beta. This release is designed to take advantage of the improvements in Movable Type 3.14, and the combination of the two is an excellent way to manage comment spam while not imposing too much of a burden on your web server.

If you're using an older version of MT-Blacklist, it's strongly recommended that you update to this new version. And just to review, MT-Blacklist, despite the name, MT-Blacklist offers a wide variety of techniques to manage or moderate comments or block spam, in addition to its namesake Blacklisting feature.

Posted by Anil in Plugins at...

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110. Firefox to make your life easier

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 16 KB, 474 words

Most of you who are doing heavy web development work have told us that you're using Firefox as your browser of choice, and if so, there's a few absolutely indispensable extensions that we'd recommend adding to your toolkit. (If you're not familiar with installing or using extensions, the Mozilla foundation has documentation available.)

First, for anyone who uses the web interface of their blogging tool or edits text online for any application, the resizeable textarea extension will let you size text entry boxes to whatever dimensions you prefer.

Once you're set up for resizing text areas, there's a suite of astoundingly powerful tools available for web developers, particularly those...

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111. Customize display of this screen

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 22 KB, 498 words

Customize display of this screen

Movable Type allows you to customize the entry editing screen to fit with your usage of the system. This customization is done on a per-author, per-weblog basis. In other words, as an author, you can have different screen layouts for each weblog that you post to; and when you customize the screens, your preferences will not trample over those of any of the other authors in the system.

The system lets you choose between two predefined layouts (Basic and Advanced), or allows you to create a custom layout, where you choose the fields you would like...

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112. Blog settings - feedback Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 38 KB, 1163 words

This setting controls who may comment on your site. There are three choices: • Anyone • Authenticated commenters only • No one.

Anyone and No one are self-explanatory except that the latter effectively disables commenting on the blog. If you are using the new template structure introduced in Movable Type 3.2, a rebuild of the Index templates will also remove the comment form from all of your individual entries. If not, you must rebuild all Individual archives to remove the comment form.

Autheticated commenters allows only commenters authenticated through the TypeKey service (or another...

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113. The New Themes - Making Sense of it all

Movalog, Tutorials, 33 KB, 1540 words

Tutorial cross posted on Learning Movable Type and Movalog.

With Movable Type 3.2, Six Apart launched a new markup and stylesheet structure that has also unified their three platforms. These new templates and stylesheets (from now on referred to as themes) have been called tag soup due to the sheer number of <div>s and indents.

What a mess - why did they do it?

The new themes can be quite intimidating the first time you come across them however Six Apart have created these new themes for several reasons: • First of all, Typepad, LiveJournal and Movable Type now share exactly the same markup. This means that a theme will work on any of these three platforms and designers can...

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114. Backing Up Your Blog

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1993 words


Occassionally databases get corrupted, servers fail or web hosts go out of business. So it's a good idea to back up your Movable Type blogs. There are many methods for doing so, a few of which I will cover here. The back-up process is much easier if you are using MySQL as your database, which, by the way, is one good reason to use MySQL over the default Berkeley DB.


TypeMover is a new plugin for the purpose of backing up, restoring, and/or migrating your Movable Type weblog. It is compatible with MT3 and later versions of Movable Type. From the TypeMover website:

TypeMover is a MovableType plugin. It adds backup, restore and migration features that let you get...

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115. Changelog Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 216 KB, 20293 words

• Initial beta release

Back to top | Permalink | Comments (0)

0.02 (2001.09.25)

• Added FTP URLs to installation instructions. (Daniel Talsky) • Fix some warnings. (Caroline van Oosten de Boer)...

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116. A List Apart 4.0

A List Apart, Tutorials, 16 KB, 1611 words

From the crown of its cranium to the tips of its Ruby-slippered toes, A List Apart 4.0 is both old and new. Old in its mission to help people who make websites see farther and jump higher. New in its design, structure, publishing system, and brand extensions.

The magazine has long advocated accessibility and web standards, providing deep and sometimes controversial insights into these areas and not infrequently presenting ideas and methods that change the way you think and work. We will never abandon this subject area, but we are once more widening our gaze to encompass disciplines and themes beyond those that have obsessed us for the past five years.

I say "once more"...

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117. Introduction

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 32 KB, 1740 words


With the most difficult part of running Movable Type -- the installation -- behind you, it is time to get started using MT.

It all begins with The Movable Type Content Management System (CMS). This script is the heart and soul of what makes powerful weblog publishing possible.

The CMS contains the majority of the intelligence and work flow that makes Movable Type what it is. Whether it involves posting an entry, adding a colleague as an author, or publishing your content with a whole new style, it is the CMS that is doing the heavy lifting.

By default the CMS script is...

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119. Movable Type Friendly Web Hosts

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 25 KB, 1722 words

Updated October 16, 2004

The results of the LMT Web Host Survey are in! Thanks to all who participated.

The first step in installing Movable Type is making sure that your web host meets MT requirements. In addition to the basic requirements there are many other factors to consider, in particular the quality of support, the reliability of the service, and the degree to which the host's staff is familiar with Movable Type. Which web host you choose can make a big difference in terms of the ease with which you install and maintain your MT weblog.

What to Look for in a Host Provider

Absolutely Necessary: 1. Ability to run custom CGI scripts 2. Perl installed on server, version...

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120. 0.09 (2001.10.06)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 22 KB, 563 words

0.09 (2001.10.06)

• Improved look and functionality of default templates; also added default templates for all archive types. • Set more default options when creating a new blog or editing 'First Blog'. • Added instructions for exporting NewsPro entries into the correct format; thanks to Jeremy W for sending along the instructions, which are now in the manual. • Added author attribute to MTEntries tag, so you can grab all of the posts by a particular author (can also be combined with category and lastn). (Jeremy W) • In comment notifications, the...

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