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21. Planet Movable Type

Movalog, News, 31 KB, 1023 words


I've had this idea swimming around my head ever since Planet Mozilla launched but never implemented it because until a few weeks ago I was under the impression that my host did not provide Python.

Anyways, announcing Planet Movable Type.

What is it?

Planet MT aggregates posts from the following weblogs: • 6A ProNet (feed)Brad Choate (feed)Chad Everett (feed)David Raynes (feed)Girlie's Tips & Tricks (feed)Learning Movable Type (feed)MT Forge Dev (feed)MT Plugins (feed)MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse (feed)Mena's Corner (feed)Movable Type News (feed)MovableStyle (feed)Movalog (feed)Neil's World (feed)Phil Ringalda (feed)Six Apart (feed)The Tweezer's Edge...

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22. What Do All These Templates Do?

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 27 KB, 1471 words

Movable Type uses a template system to generate the pages of your weblog. To change which content elements and how they are displayed on the pages of your blog, you need to make changes to the appropriate templates.

Selecting "Manage Templates" from the sidebar navigation in your weblog edit screen will show you the list of templates, but what do they all do? And, if you are trying to conserve storage space on your server, are there any you can delete?

Index Templates

Index templates have individual output files, specific to the template. Let's go down the list.

Click on image to enlarge

• Atom Index - The Atom Index produces an Atom syndication feed, atom.xml for those...

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23. LMT Links

Learning Movable Type, Links, 43 KB, 2483 words

by Category | by Date


Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist - MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist Birdhouse notes on Comment Spam - Why this web host is forcing comment registration Blacklist to Mod Security - by Peter Wood Brad Choate: SpamLookup - anti-spam plugin Interview with a Comment Spammer - The Register's interview with a blog comment spammer. MT-Approval Plugin - Prevents comment spam from spam bots MT-DSBL Open Proxy Comment Filter - from Brad Choate MT-Moderate - Plugin for moderating trackbacks and comments from Chad Everett Mod Rewrite to Block Bot Spam - Mod Rewrite method to divert comment spam bots to a 403...

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24. Movalog: Announcements Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 982 words

Page: 1 2 2 Pages.

Newsgator Toolkit

Although not directly related to Movable Type, many bloggers I know have been asking for such a tool. The Newsgator Toolkit is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that will eventually provide you with a series of complex and powerful tools...

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Updates to the Style Generator

At long last I've made some updates to the Style Generator to better fit with Six Apart's standard. This means that you can finally apply the tips discussed in this tutorial to stylesheets created using the style gen. Most of...

Continue reading "Updates to the Style Generator"...

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25. 2.1 (2002.05.02)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 30 KB, 1587 words

2.1 (2002.05.02)

• Added webMaster, language, lastBuildDate, and pubDate to both RSS templates. • Added encode_html="1" to all RSS fields that didn't have it already. • Added Norwegian dates. • Added test for mt-check.cgi to determine whether we are running under cgiwrap or suexec. • Added a new global tag attribute encode_url (thanks to Scott Andrew LePera and others for the idea). • Changed the behavior of the publish flag in blogger.newPost; previously, if set to false the new entry would be saved as a draft. This was a bad idea, for...

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26. Zen Archives++

MezzoBlue, Tutorials, 16 KB, 1492 words

I'm happy to report the Zen Garden archives have (finally) undergone a major re-tooling.

The css Zen Garden has been desperate for some TLC for a while now. Submissions have been increasing steadily (sometimes 6 or 7 per day), but management and archiving has been a frustrating problem for quite some time. So I fixed some of the major problems.


Since its launch on this domain over two years ago, the css Zen Garden archives have undergone numerous changes to cope with the growing volume of designs.

It seems hard to believe now, but at one point in time all designs I had received fit on one page. When that page grew too weighty, I chopped it into a handful of...

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27. 2.51 (2002.10.29)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 1073 words

2.51 (2002.10.29)

• Added Windows right-click bookmarklet functionality, where you can use a Post to MT Blog right click option to open the bookmarklet. Thanks to Anil Dash for the code. • Added a generic <MTElse> tag, which can be used to supply an ``else'' condition to any conditional. Thanks to Brad Choate for the code. • Added an <$MTEntryPermalink$> tag, which does the right thing when displaying the link for an entry: if an individual archive, it is not followed by an anchor; otherwise, it is. • When rebuilding files, only rewrite the...

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28. Blogrolling: Good or Bad

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1116 words

Chuck recently asked about adding a blogroll to MT. I pointed him to this tutorial rather than pointing him to

Ever since Blogrolling changed ownership, I've felt that the service has been going downhill. A few months ago, when I removed the blogrolling php code off my site load times drastically decreased. One of my main peeves with blogrolling was that it was located on a remote server. During the transition period that server was often down, and caused load times on my site to shoot up - so high that my site was nearly unaccessible. Another problem with the Blogrolling involves the site Some script that were heavily relied on were deleted and caused...

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29. Basic Photo Gallery Templates

Eat Drink Sleep MT, Tutorials, 73 KB, 4269 words

I've assembled some templates to build a photo gallery with Movable Type. What makes mine different and special from all the others? Easy: it's compatible with MT version 3.2. That means it'll work with the StyleCatcher plugin and the Movable Type Style Generator!

The only special requirement to use these templates is PHP. PHP is used to calculate the image size. The plugin Better File Uploader - with its For Photo Gallery button - will make adding photos go much quicker.

I've created a small example gallery, if you're interested in seeing the result before trying it yourself.

Setup a New Weblog

First, you'll want to create a new...

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30. Basic Photo Gallery Templates

Eat Drink Sleep MT, Tutorials, 80 KB, 5741 words

I've assembled some templates to build a photo gallery with Movable Type. What makes mine different and special from all the others? Easy: it's compatible with MT version 3.2. That means it'll work with the StyleCatcher plugin and the Movable Type Style Generator!

The only special requirement to use these templates is PHP. PHP is used to calculate the image size. The plugin Better File Uploader - with its For Photo Gallery button - will make adding photos go much quicker.

I've created a small example gallery, if you're interested in seeing the result before trying it yourself.

Setup a New Weblog

First, you'll want to create a new...

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31. Who Cares about Semantics Anyway?

MezzoBlue, Tutorials, 15 KB, 1270 words

On semantic markup, conveying its usage to those who generally don't need to care, and a reusable markup guide for your enjoyment.

This is how I like to define the term ‘semantic markup':

Semantic Markup is the result of using (X)HTML elements for their proper, intended usage.

This is a pretty limited definition, better examples exist, and it's by no means the only viewpoint out there. The terseness is partially the result of HTML being semantically limited to begin with. We don't exactly have a rich vocabulary of element types capable of capturing the meaning and nuance behind every piece of text: We have code, but we don't have caption; We have...

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32. Glyphs

MezzoBlue, Tutorials, 17 KB, 1165 words

Oh, the fun to be had with Unicode.

Unicode, for those still unfamiliar, is a universal character encoding standard, jointly developed by a consortium with dozens of corporate and individual members around the world. The Unicode character set currently tops out at over 70,000 characters, and contains character sets from around the world, in both modern and ancient forms.

A bit more background follows, and then some usage analysis. Interspersed throughout this article are various Unicode characters; it’s highly unlikely that your browser/OS knows what to do with all of them. So unless you're running Safari, click on any set to view an image-based equivalent (which is a...

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33. Approve/Moderate All

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1004 words

In the early days of MT 3, when I had unreg'd comments set to moderate, I really wanted to have an approval all button as I would read the comment in the email notification I received. Since then that feature request has not progressed so I decided to take matters into my own hands. As the screenshot shows, at the end of this hack you will end up with two buttons on the comments listing screen. This buttons will allow you to mass approve/moderate comments by checking the boxes of the corresponding entries.

First of all open lib/MT/App/ and find on approximately line 32 the following

'approve_comment' => &approve_comment,

and right after it

'approve_confirm' =>...

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34. Movalog: Plugins Archives

Movalog, Tutorials, 27 KB, 1002 words

Page: 1 2 3 4 4 Pages.

Working with Style Catcher

With 3.2 came the very nice StyleCatcher plugin that allowed you to easily manage and apply themes or styles to your blogs. This tutorial will show you how to make your repository work Style Catcher. Note, this tutorial won't show...

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CustomFields 1.12

UPDATE: I've just pushed out a silent update that fixes a problem with custom entry field descriptions not showing. Thanks Nilesh! A new version of CustomFields is available that fixes four bugs that people found;CustomFields...

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35. Smarty. MT. Dynamic

Movalog, Tutorials, 28 KB, 1017 words

Smarty Docs

Now that Smarty is built into MT, you've got a whole load of new features that you can use. Just have a look at the documentation everything discussed in those docs are available to MT users, the only difference is instead of single braces you need to use double, for example where in the Smarty docs it gives you a line like this {include file="sidebar.php"}

when you implement that into MT it will need to become {{include file="sidebar.php"}}

This was chosen over the single braces because the single braces can cause problems when you start writing Javascript. None-the-less if you really wish to use single braces, find in your mtview.php template the following line (thanks...

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36. Configure Active Plugins

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1012 words

I find the Configure Active Plugins list on the MT front page very useful, however this list has been getting longer and longer and I install more and more plugins that register on there. Eventually this bugged me (big surprise eh?) and I decided to move that to its own page. Click the thumbnail to the side for a larger image.

First open up lib/MT/App/ and find around line 40

'list_blogs' => &list_blogs,

and add right underneath it

'list_plugins' => &list_plugins,

Next around line 342 (at the end of sub list_blog) fine

$param{no_breadcrumbs} = 1; $app->build_page('list_blog.tmpl', \%param); }

and add after it

sub list_plugins { my $app = shift;...

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37. Rebuild This Template

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1060 words

UPDATE 09/06: Rebuild Site

One of my favourite features in MT 3.1 is the "Rebuild This Template" button that appears when you save a template. When you click that button it doesn't popup another window for you to confirm the rebuild, no, it just rebuilds then and there. Unfortunately the button at the bottom of the page doesn't do the same. Also because my template body field is huge, that bottom button is quite far down so I have to scroll for a bit. These two annoyances led me to hack the edit_template.tmpl file found MTDIR/tmpl/cms/, this hack is only available in MT 3.1 and greater. If you feel uncomfortable with hacking files but would like to have this hack, please contact me and I will quote you a price for the installation....

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38. Password Protect Entries

Movalog, Tutorials, 36 KB, 1821 words

This hack is deprecated in favour of the MT Protect plugin. Please use the plugin instead of this hack!

One of the biggest wants with MT is to password protect individual entries. There are several hacks and bits of code that allow you to password protect entries but many of them are long winded and many involve separate categories. I wanted a simple way to selectively password protect entries no matter what the category, what blog etc.

So I created a new field on the entry screen (click screenshot for a larger view) that would contain the password. For this to work you will need to be using MT 3.1x, mySQL and PHP. To see this in action see the front page on my blog, enter the password "password" and you will be granted access for 10 days....

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39. Save & Rebuild

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 1047 words

This hack is for versions of Movable Type prior to 3.2. This hack has been implemented into Movable Type 3.2

I'm a lazy person and hate having to click repetitively to do tasks and I get easily annoyed at having to keep hitting save and then rebuild whilst making changes to my site. So a hack later I have a Save & Rebuild button which will first save the template and then rebuild it with just one click!

Open lib/MT/App/ and around line 1149 find

sub save_object{

and add underneath it

my $sr = 0;

Next on line 1340 find


and add underneath it

if($q->param('sr')){ $sr = 1; $app->rebuild_indexes( BlogID => $obj->blog_id,...

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40. Quicktags for Comments

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 985 words

Many people wanted to know how I implemented these guicktags into my comments form. So here's a quick tutorial for that. In your comments form find

<p><label for="text">Comments:</label> <MTIfAllowCommentHTML> (you may use HTML tags for style)</MTIfAllowCommentHTML><br/> <textarea tabindex="4" id="text" name="text" rows="10" cols="50"></textarea></p>

and replace it with

<div class="quicktags"><p><label for="text">Comments:</label> <MTIfAllowCommentHTML><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">edToolbar();<...

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