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41. Advanced Topics Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 62 KB, 5230 words

With broad platform integration of all the leading open standards, Movable Type has the potential to do much more, given additional expertise and knowledge on the user's part.

This chapters covers some of the more advanced features in addition to providing a starting point for more advanced topics not covered in this publication.

Architectural Overview

Movable Type is written in a highly modular Perl object-oriented style with an open code base (it's not open source -- an important distinction) that makes the browser-based tool quite flexible and easily modifiable, allowing it to adapt to any number of...

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42. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 22 KB, 1220 words


MT 2.0

Development on MT version 2.0 is going smoothly and we're looking at a early March release. Can you believe it's almost February?

A list of definite 2.0 features: • Multiple category support: The ability to assign multiple categories per entry • Multiple archive template per archive type • Interface modifications, application navigation and icon improvements based on findings from professional usability testing • Power edit screen: Apply title, category or author changes to multiple entries -- using one screen and all at once • More sorting options for the MTEntries tag: alphabetical by title, most recently commented-on, ascending and...

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43. Getting Started Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 54 KB, 3878 words

With the most difficult part of running Movable Type -- the installation -- behind you, it is time to get started using MT.

It all begins with The Movable Type Content Management System (CMS). This script is the heart and soul of what makes powerful weblog publishing possible.

The CMS contains the majority of the intelligence and work flow that makes Movable Type what it is. Whether it involves posting an entry, adding a colleague as an author, or publishing your content with a whole new style, it is the CMS that is doing the heavy lifting.

By default the CMS script is named mt.cgi, although this...

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44. Pull Down Menus

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 26 KB, 1304 words

To save space on your sidebar listing of categories or monthly archives, you might want to use a pull-down menu like so: Select Category Beginner Tips Categories Definitions General HTML and Javascript Install Marketing Reference RSS Security Servers Style Weblog Goodies

To do this for your category list, make sure that you have category archiving selected as an archiving option in your weblog config, and add the following code to your sidebar:

<form action="" name="pulldown1"> <select name="mypulldown1" onchange="document.location=pulldown1.mypulldown1.options[selectedIndex].value"> <option value="">Select...

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45. Outbound TrackBack Control

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 15 KB, 307 words

We've seen a huge increase in the number of companies using blogs within their organization, on an intranet or extranet to help their employees connect and communicate about projects. And one of the first requirements of project blogging is to know that the communications around the blog will be secure by default.

For application-level security, we of course recommend following best practices for your server environment and firewall. But what about TrackBack, which is designed for sharing information about links? In Movable Type 3.2, we've made sure you have total control over who you're sending TrackBacks to by introducing outbound TrackBack control.

With this new set of options,...

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46. SCode

Six Apart Pronet Plugin Directory, Plugins, 11 KB, 48 words

A plugin to prevent comment spam by displaying an image with a CAPTCHA (Security Code image) and demand the user to enter the text of the Security Code manually before allowing posting to go through. Works with the feedback scoring system in Movable Type 3.2

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47. MultiBlog 1.99 Alpha

David Raynes, Plugins, 11 KB, 369 words

For those who want to help in the development of MultiBlog 2.0, here is a version you can start playing with.

It is not feature complete. In fact, parts of it will probably work incorrectly. The security controls are not completely implemented. Any security settings available in the system plugin settings are completely ignored currently.

To install, first completely remove any existing version of MultiBlog (plugins/, multiblog-config.cgi, and extlib/rayners/MultiBlog*.pm). Then grab one of the development version archives from the MultiBlog page and unpack it into the main MT directory. It should stuff all of its files into plugins/MultiBlog/.

The rebuild control and...

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48. Much Ado About Smart Tags

A List Apart, Tutorials, 60 KB, 9110 words

We believe in total empowerment of the user to decide what content they want to look at. – Microsoft Product Manager Shawn Sanford, as quoted by NewsBytes

Microsoft thinks they can improve my writing. This makes me want to get a gun and go to war. – Dave Winer,

Smart Tags can be developed by anybody, are completely under the user's control, and can do some very useful things. – Executive Editor David Coursey, writing for ZDNet AnchorDesk

This is exactly like what Microsoft did in the past...leveraging what they have on the desktop into another market... – Gartner analyst Michael Silver, as quoted by

The dustup surrounding...

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49. Six Apart - Movable Type News - Version 2.65 Released

Six Apart News, News, 13 KB, 201 words

A security issue has been found in Movable Type's XML-RPC server. We suggest that all users of Movable Type upgrade their installations to fix this issue.

We have released a new version of Movable Type, version 2.65, to fix this problem. Version 2.65 also includes the mt-send-entry.cgi fix released about 1 month ago.

In addition, version 2.65 includes an Atom syndication template in the default templates, along with an auto-discovery tag in the main index template. It also includes a couple of new tags used for the Atom feeds. If you're upgrading, you can get the syndication template from the default template list.

You can download the 2.65 upgrade from the download page and follow the...

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51. Limiting the HTML in Comments

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 24 KB, 791 words

Limiting the HTML in Comments


HTML was used in the comments, but you want to limit which tags get displayed.


Use the "Limit HTML Tags" settings of the weblog.


When data is submitted by visitors to your site, that data should not necessarily be trusted. For example, if you are allowing HTML in your comments, visitors to your site could submit malicious HTML, or scripts in Javascript or PHP, to run code on your site. This code could do anything including reading cookies or reading private files on your server.

To protect your site, Movable Type can...

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52. Social Software Considerations for XML Clients

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 207 words

Nick Bradbury, creator of FeedDemon (which was just acquired by NewsGator last week) has just put up a terrific analysis of the considerations all developers of RSS and Atom aggregators and syndication clients should be keeping in mind with regard to secure behavior and sensible defaults:

Even if I'm way off base about how spam will come to RSS, we all know that spammers will find a way to jump on the RSS bandwagon. Given past history, every new social technology needs to think about spam right from the start, or else risk being crippled by it.

Moving on to specifics, Nick adds:

I took a look at how a few of the existing tools were handling them. To my surprise, security didn't seem...

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53. Installing Movable Type via the Command-Line

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 24 KB, 674 words

Installing Movable Type via the Command-Line


You want to install the Movable Type software and have command-line (shell) access to the server.


Transfer the latest Movable Type distribution file to your server and unpack it into your CGI directory.


• Unpack the software.

Download the latest Movable Type distribution file and transfer it to your server. Unpack the software into your web server CGI directory. For example, if you had downloaded Movable Type 3.2 US english distribution with the CGI directory as your present working directory, you could...

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54. Six Apart - Movable Type News

Six Apart News, News, 16 KB, 701 words


Movable Type 3.0

We realize that official news has been scarce over the last 6-9 months. During this time, our company has grown from two people to seven, and we have launched TypePad. Now that we have hired more engineering resources (and we are still looking for more), we are able to focus again on our Movable Type product line. As mentioned in this post on the Six Log, we're focusing on releasing more personal features in the basic Movable Type package, and concentrating features for businesses, organizations, and large content-driven sites into Movable Type Pro (which, needless to say, has been delayed).

The next version of Movable Type...

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55. Zoto: A Tour

Movalog, Tutorials, 31 KB, 1342 words

I have been playing around with Zoto and I'm quite impressed.

Uploading Pictures

One of the things about this service is the ease at which you can upload photos. Just download their client (called Zulu) set it up to scan folders where you put your photos and it'll do the rest for you meaning it scans the folders, makes thumbnails of the images and uploads them ! If you add photos to those folder then the client will pick them up too. I experienced a few problems with the client. It told me it had uploaded all my photos yet when I looked in my account they didn't show up, on uninstalling and reinstall the client they showed up !

Of course you could manually upload them, by selecting...

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56. Installation and Upgrade Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 110 KB, 11268 words

Movable Type is the premier weblog publishing platform for businesses, organizations, developers, and web designers. Powerful customization gives you control over everything you publish and the elegant interface keeps things simple and clear.


• Unlimited Blogging

Movable Type offers the ability to publish an unlimited number of blogs quickly and easily through a single installation of the application. And the platform supports posting by as many authors as you need, with no limit on the numbers of entries, comments, or TrackBacks the system supports. • Powerful management...

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58. Suggest Search

Movalog, Tutorials, 30 KB, 1291 words

UPDATE files are bundled in an archive.

I was very impressed with the WordPress Suggest plugin and wanted to port it over to MT. The porting was easy but the query was very slow and pulled some bad results from the database. Chad helped me last night and we had almost cleaned it up until v0.2 was released which seems to have fixed the problems I had. Try it using the search form on the sidebar.

This plugin is similar to LiveSearch (and the MT implementation) however the difference is it lets you keep the mt-search.cgi functionality which I liked. Also this plugin works slightly differently to LiveSearch, I prefer this!

Implementing it with MT is very easy, you need to have PHP and be...

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59. ConfigUI 1.0

Movalog, Tutorials, 29 KB, 875 words

This is a quick plugin I wrote during the beta tests because I frequently changed the values of my config file to test bugs and hated scrolling page comments or having to manually enter in directives. ConfigUI is a plugin that quite simply adds a graphic user interface to the config file. It has been built for MT 3.2 and uses almost every new API available. It works by re-writing your config file so you need to make sure: • mt-config.cgi (or mt.cfg) is writeable by the web server • your check your settings before saving

Have a look at the screenshot to see what it looks like. It basically lists all non-critical directives (this means it doesn't list the CGIPath or Database...

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60. IE7 CSS Updates

MezzoBlue, Tutorials, 15 KB, 887 words

The first IE7 Beta is out. Yes, there are CSS improvements. No, they're not going to change the world.

Yesterday, Microsoft released a beta of the forthcoming Vista operating system, along with the first beta of IE7. Unfortunately, both are only available to MSDN subscribers.

An XP -compatible version is available from a third party if you have a BitTorrent client. This is probably breaking all sorts of terms and conditions though, and likely won't last. Grab it while you can. (Update: Upon further investigation, the site in question is a BitTorrent tracking site with links to all sorts of other copyrighted material. Since an XP-compatible version of the beta...

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