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61. Lastn Does Not Work Properly With MTArchiveList

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 422 words


The lastn attribute, when used with the MTArchiveList tag, produces an incorrect number of archives. (Version 3.2)


As an example, if you specify the following: <MTArchiveList archive_type="Monthly" lastn="6">

the tag only returns the last two months, instead of the last six.

The way to get around this until the bug is resolved is to multiple the lastn value you want by three: <MTArchiveList archive_type="Monthly" lastn="18">

and that should actually give you only the last six...

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62. Category Image Display

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 27 KB, 452 words


Can I put an image next to each entry based on its category?


Create an image for each category in your weblog. Save each image using the category name, but without any special characters and replacing spaces with underscores (this is called "dirifying" the file name). For example, if your category name is Exciting News, save the file as exciting_news.gif.

Upload the images to your server. You may wish to create a special subdirectory within your weblog folder named images.

To put the image next to your entry, add this...

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63. Alternating Comment Styles with Smarty

geekmum {movable cafe}, Tutorials, 19 KB, 513 words

So you want to create alternating background colors for your (dynamically published) comments? I just came across a sweet little *gem in Hacking Movable Type about Smarty's "cycle" function... worth the price of the book, IMO. But, I digress. :-)

If you are using dynamic publishing for your individual entry archives, you can very simply edit your template to create alternating comment background colors (or any alternating style) with Smarty's "cycle" function.

The "cycle" funtion will, as the name implies, cycle through a list of values each time it is used within a loop. This is a perfect little solution for the task at hand. An added bonus is that it can cycle through more than two...

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64. MTBlogs

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 20 KB, 277 words


A container tag which iterates over a list of all of the weblogs in the system. You can use any of the Weblog tags inside of this tag set.



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65. php includes in cgi templates

geekmum {movable cafe}, Tutorials, 16 KB, 175 words

I wanted to use a php include in my Comment Listing Template, which is actually run inside comments.cgi. An ordinary php include wouldn't do the trick. Another plugin to the rescue... MTIncludePlus. This provided the perfect solution in the form of new container tag, MTIncludeURL. (FYI, this plugin also adds tags MTIncludeFile and MTIncludeModule.) Here's an example of what I used to call a rotating tagline into my banner in dynamic templates that run as cgi:

<MTIncludeURL timeout="15"></MTIncludeURL>

(obligatory reminder: code is all one line)

This also works in the default search templates.

Posted by kate on March 14, 2005 10:58...

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66. MT Macros Plugin

PubHacks, Tutorials, 7 KB, 484 words

Required: MT26x, MT3x

This one was hard for me because I was hung up on the whole plugin thing. But it turns out to be stupidly simple.

Start with Brad's MTMacro plugin. This page is about 10 miles long and scared the crap out of me. In the end, all I really needed was this part:

To install, place the "" file in your Movable Type "plugins" directory. The "" and "" (the "" file is only necessary for Movable Type 2.21) files should be placed in a "bradchoate" subdirectory underneath your Movable Type "extlib" directory. Your installation should look like this:

(mt home)/plugins/ (mt home)/extlib/bradchoate/ (mt...

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67. "Email Me" Contact Forms

Learning Movable Type, Tutorials, 34 KB, 2158 words

Providing contact information on your weblog can be useful to your site visitors who may want to email you directly rather than submit a comment to one of your entries. You can choose to write out your email address, provide a mailto link (see MailTo Syntax for how to write out a mailto hyperlink), or you can provide a contact form. Contact forms are often preferred because they can easily hide your email address information from the spammers who regularly scour the web looking for email addresses to harvest.

I have researched and tested two free PHP-based contact form scripts - TheSiteWizard Feedback form and DodosMail - either of which you can easily implement to add a contact form...

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68. ProNet: June 2005 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 63 KB, 5850 words


New in Movable Type 3.2: A home for administrators

One of Movable Type's biggest strengths is the platform's support for an unlimited number of weblogs. Once you've got a thriving community of bloggers creating entries and publishing their thoughts, though, it quickly becomes necessary to manage the weblogs on your system.

To meet this need, we've introduced an entire new area of functionality in Movable Type 3.2: The System Overview. We've chosen the System Overview as the first feature to highlight in this new release because it represents a single home for administrators. It's one place to go to oversee everything that's happening across your...

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69. ExcerptWords

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 21 KB, 301 words


The number of words in the excerpt displayed when you use the <$MTEntryExcerpt$> tag inside of your search results. This setting is distinct from the "Number of words in excerpt" setting in your weblog configuration, because this setting is just used for excerpts in your search results.

Default value: 40

Example: ExcerptWords 100

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70. HTML is Removed from MTPings

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 328 words


I'm using some custom HTML inside an MTPings container, but the code disappears when the page is published.


Note: This issue has been resolved in version 3.17 (released on June 2, 2005), so upgrading will eliminate the need for the workaround shown below.

This is a Known Issue with the version of the Nofollow plugin released with 3.16. To work around this problem, disable Sanitize: <MTPings sanitize="0">

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71. Introduction

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 21 KB, 311 words


The entries in this section are the endpoints for all context-sensitive help links in Movable Type. These links appear as question marks inside a blue box and can be found throughout the interface. Reading arbitrarily through this section without the context provided by the location of the help links in the application probably will lead to some confusion.


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72. Context-sensitive help Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 21 KB, 261 words

The entries in this section are the endpoints for all context-sensitive help links in Movable Type. These links appear as question marks inside a blue box and can be found throughout the interface. Reading arbitrarily through this section without the context provided by the location of the help links in the application probably will lead to some confusion.

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73. Big, Stark & Chunky

A List Apart, Tutorials, 32 KB, 2919 words

Research shows that low-vision people need dramatically different web design. CSS lets you give them what they need.

Readers of A List Apart will by now be quite familiar with screen-reader users, the largest group of disabled web surfers whom standards compliance actually helps. In a previous article, for example, I examined how well image-replacement techniques work in screen readers (not very).

But - surprise! - most people with impaired vision can still see something, and a large but unquantified segment of this group sees well enough to use a computer with a magnified or zoomed display. We have not done a good job of catering to...

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74. Editing a Template using an External Editor

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 23 KB, 725 words

Editing a Template using an External Editor


You would rather use a text or web page editor to edit a template.


Link an external file to your template and edit the file.


Some users will find it easier to edit the template layouts in a text editor like BBEdit or a web page editor like Adobe Go Live instead of the Movable Type browser interface. You can optionally link a Movable Type template to an external file. This allows you to edit your templates while keeping the copy that is inside Movable Type synchronized with the external file.

In the field labeled "Link...

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75. DefaultTemplate

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 21 KB, 293 words


The filename of the default search template, located inside of your search_templates directory (see the SearchTemplatePath directive). If you define and use alternate templates (see below), you don't need to use the default template.

Default value: default.tmpl.

Example: DefaultTemplate my-template.tmpl



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76. Can't Find Default Template List

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 355 words


When installing Movable Type, I get an error message that says Can't find default template list; where is ''?


First, make sure that a folder named lib exists in the same folder where you installed Movable Type, and that there are several folders and files inside of it. Then, make sure that the specific file lib/MT/ was uploaded there, and in ASCII mode.

The files are also case sensitive, so make sure it is lib/MT/, not lib/mt/, or Lib/Mt/Default-templa...

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77. Templates Not Rebuilding After Minor Changes

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 299 words


I made some minor changes to my template, but after rebuilding, the changes don't show.


Download Digest::MD5 and unpack it with unzipping software.

• Upload the Digest folder inside to your webserver, in ASCII mode, into your extlib directory.

• Rebuild your site.

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78. Installing the StyleCatcher Plugin

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 29 KB, 648 words


How do I install the StyleCatcher Plugin?


• Download the StyleCatcher plugin1 and unzip the file to your local computer. The files should be organized into two folders within a StyleCatcher folder. For example, after unzipping the file for version 1.0 of the plugin, you would have the following two folders, each with other folders and files inside them:

• StyleCatcher-1.0/mt-static/ • StyleCatcher-1.0/plugins/

• Open your FTP program and log into your server.

• Navigate to your mt-static directory2, and upload3 the contents of the StyleCatcher-1.0/mt-static/...

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79. Source Code Appears In Browser

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 26 KB, 453 words


When I try to run any of the Movable Type files, I see the source code of the CGI script in my browser.


If you see the source code, then your webserver has not been configured to run CGI scripts from the folder where you've installed Movable Type.

This is not something that you can configure yourself on a hosted account, so you will need to contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable CGI for your account (or for the webserver as a whole).

If you run your own webserver, or if you have access to the webserver configuration...

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80. Submitting a Help Ticket

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 22 KB, 456 words

Submitting a Help Ticket


You are having a problem with Movable Type that you are unable to resolve.


Open a help ticket with Six Apart support.


Personal technical support through the online help ticket system is included with any paid license for Movable Type 3.0 or later.

You can file a ticket by signing in to your Movable Type account at Once inside you will see a box entitled "Help & Support" on the right hand side. Click the "Open a New Ticket" link and fill out the ticket. Choose from the list of...

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