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41. Movable Type Style Generator

Movalog, News, 30 KB, 1197 words

As you probably already know, Movable Type 3.2 was released and boasts a stunning featureset. I personally have plenty of plugins, tools and other announcements to make which are all related to this release. The first of which you've probably guessed by the title. I present the Movable Type Style Generator. Quite simply, click on any element on the page and a box will appear allowing you to change any of the element's properties from background color to font faces and styles. After you're done, hit the Download button to get the stylesheet, 3.2 compatible! The beauty of this style generator is since it creates 3.2 compatible stylesheets, you can use them across any of Six Apart's...

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42. Setting Up Google Enabled Entries

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 1003 words

Setting Up Google Enabled Entries


You want to integrate Google search results into your entry.


Provide Movable Type with your Google API Key and use the MTGoogleSearchResult template tag.


Movable Type is capable of making Google search queries and inserting the results into site layouts. This built-in functionality is geared toward inserting related links into an entry or a specific topic such as an author's name rather than providing unfettered access to the full power of the Google search engine. This is more a limitation of the Google API...

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43. Displaying Entries

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 1068 words

Displaying Entries


You need to display entry data in your published pages.


Use the template tags that are prefixed with MTEntry.


Entry tags can be used to display the contents of an entry and its related information. These tags can be used in MTArchiveList or MTEntries tag contexts. Entry tags may also be used anywhere in a Individual Archive template.

Here are some of the more common Entry tags used in templates: • MTEntries

MTEntries is the most powerful and adaptive template tag in Movable Type. It is a container tag representing a list of...

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44. Posting a New Entry

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 25 KB, 982 words

Posting a New Entry


You want to post a new entry.


Click the New Post button in the Weblog Toolbar or use a Quickpost bookmarklet.


Since entries are what weblogs are all about, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of ways to create them in Movable Type.

The two most likely ones are either to use the New Post button in the Weblog Toolbar or use a Quickpost bookmarklet that MT can help you create. See "Making posts quickly from your browser" for more on Quickposts.

When creating a new entry, you will have the chance to set the...

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45. Recovery From Database Corruption

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 30 KB, 1033 words


My database has been corrupted. Is there any way to avoid losing my data?


This answer depends a great deal on the level of corruption, the type of backups you have, and how much information is still accessible from within your existing installation (as opposed to being in external files such as the static pages Movable Type has generated from the data).

Does your host maintain backups for your account?

If so, do they have any which would include copies of your database files prior to the time corruption appears to have occurred?...

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46. Database Conversion

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 31 KB, 1066 words


How do I convert from one database type to another?


Convert from Berkeley to SQL

To determine whether your server supports a SQL database, and the Perl libraries required to connect to it, run mt-check.cgi and look at the status for any of the following modules: DBD::mysql, DBD::Pg, or DBD::SQLite. If any of these are installed, your server will support that version of Movable Type. If none of these are installed, you will need to contact your host to have them installed if you wish to use a SQL database.

If you are interested in...

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47. ProNet: May 2005 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 33 KB, 2617 words


Movable Type Cheat Sheet

One of the great things about Movable Type being localized into a number of languages and having such a broad international presence is that we get great contributions from our community around the world. The latest contribution is Jörg Petermann's Movable Type Cheat Sheet, which he's published in both German and English.

The Cheat Sheet, available in both PDF and PNG formats, covers all the standard Movable Type template tags, as well as common attributes for the tags and the date format used for output. Most of these tags also apply to TypePad's advanced templates as well, so it's worth keeping a copy of the Cheat Sheet...

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48. Installing Movable Type with FTP

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 994 words

Installing Movable Type with FTP


You want to install the Movable Type software using FTP.


Download an FTP application, uncompress the software onto your desktop and take care of any necessary configuration before uploading.


• An FTP (file transfer protocol) program is used to send the files from your computer to your server. If you don't yet have an FTP program, there are many available for free. SmartFTP is a good FTP program for Windows, and offers a free trial version. Transmit is a good FTP program for Mac users on OS X, and it has a free...

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49. ProNet: November 2004 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 55 KB, 4443 words


Interview with Nick Bradbury

A good interview with Nick Bradbury of TopStyle and FeedDemon fame, with tips on becoming an independent software vendor:

If you plan to do this for a living, focus on building tools that make peoples lives easier or more interesting, and chances are youll last longer and find your work more fulfilling.

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More on the MT3 Bible

Rogers Cadenhead talks a bit more about the newly-released Movable Type 3 Bible Desktop Edition, and is very generously giving away five author's copies to people who comment on, or link to, his post...

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50. 1.4 (2002.01.07)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 950 words

1.4 (2002.01.07)

• New default templates no longer use <label> tag in the Remember info? checkbox for the ``remember me'' JS, because it was breaking XHTML validation. • Fixed Linked File Templates so that, when linking a template to a new file that doesn't yet exist, the permissions will be set correctly (based on umask settings in mt.cfg). • Added new default templates and made them customizable by stylesheets. • Added the Comment Error Template to specify the layout of the page a user receives when there is an error with his/her...

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51. Installing Plug-ins

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 25 KB, 1057 words

Installing Plug-ins


You want to extend Movable Type's functionality and install a plug-in.


Installing a basic plug-in requires you to place a file with an .pl extension into the plugins directory; however more advanced plug-ins may have additional steps.


Plug-ins are Perl scripts with a .pl extension that reside in the subdirectory named plugins under the Movable Type application directory. (If you are running an older version of MT that was upgraded and have not installed a plug-in before, you may have to create this directory.) Each time MT is...

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52. Introduction

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 27 KB, 1169 words


Weblogs are not just a one-way medium for publishing. With the use of a singular, often conversational voice, enhanced by the loosely coupled nature of the Internet and lightweight syndication formats, weblogs are akin to conversations, regardless of the size and makeup of the audience. "A" writes about something on their mind -- an experience, the news, or a project's status. "B" reads it and expresses their take. "C" finds both posts interesting and notes something A and B has not mentioned and so on.

Not everyone has a weblog (sadly) and not everyone wants to make...

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53. Blog settings - feedback Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 38 KB, 1163 words

This setting controls who may comment on your site. There are three choices: • Anyone • Authenticated commenters only • No one.

Anyone and No one are self-explanatory except that the latter effectively disables commenting on the blog. If you are using the new template structure introduced in Movable Type 3.2, a rebuild of the Index templates will also remove the comment form from all of your individual entries. If not, you must rebuild all Individual archives to remove the comment form.

Autheticated commenters allows only commenters authenticated through the TypeKey service (or another...

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54. Blog settings - publishing Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 40 KB, 1529 words

The full URL (including http:// and your site's domain name) to your public weblog. This URL should not include the filename of your index file; for example, if your index file is located at, then the value for Site URL should be

This is a required field.


You should never set your Site URL to the same value as your Movable Type application URL (i.e. your CGIPath). Publishing your weblog content to the Movable Type directory is a security hazard and can lead to numerous problems such as...

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55. Configuring Search for One or More Weblogs

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 27 KB, 1151 words

Configuring Search for One or More Weblogs


You want to enable your system to provide users with search capabilities across one or more weblogs.


Add configuration directives to mt-config.cgi that are related to the search engine.


The MT search engine features a number of configurable options which are maintained in the mt-config.cgi file rather than in a web interface. The search functionality is not tied to a specific weblog, and its configuration is applied system wide.

Because these functions are not tied to a specific weblog and due to...

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56. 1.3 (2001.12.11)

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 26 KB, 1018 words

1.3 (2001.12.11)

• Fixed bug where days="N" would override category="Foo" in <MTEntries> tag. (cwodtke) • Added DBM file locking (shared lock when reading, exclusive when writing). • Export process now exports excerpts, and import now imports them. • When you upload a file, if a file by that name (at that location) already exists, you now get a confirmation screen to overwrite the file, or not. (Requires that File::Temp is installed.) • Added search and replace functionality. • You can now upload files into specific directories...

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57. Import format Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 24 KB, 1456 words

This document describes the format required by the Movable Type import mechanism, which can be used to import entries and comments from other content management systems.

The basic import format is a list of entries, separated by the string -------- (that is eight - characters, followed by a carriage return). Each entry can be broken into two main sections; these sections are separated by the string ----- (that is five - characters, followed by a carriage return).

If you have HTML in the data that you are importing, it should not be encoded into HTML entities; the data that is in your import file is...

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58. Barak at Six Apart

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 34 KB, 2231 words

On April 20th of this year, The Mercury News ran an article about the how Jonathan Abrams (Friendster) and Sean Parker (Plaxo) were each handling changes of management and their departures as CEOs at their perspective companies. Apparently, they were handling it in different ways and Parker had seemingly been "dismissed, almost without a trace."

Ross Mayfield wrote a thoughtful post on this article and I considered writing my own post on how I, as a CEO, handle transitions in Six Apart and in our team.

I decided against it because I wasn't ready to create a stir of speculation. Tonight, on the eve of a change of position, I write about Barak Berkowitz who will be taking over my role...

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59. Installation And Upgrade Services

Six Apart Knowledgebase, Manuals, 32 KB, 1212 words


Can I pay Six Apart to install Movable Type for me, or upgrade my existing installation to the latest version?


Yes, we offer these services to those who have purchased a supported version of Movable Type.

Requirements Before We Begin

Please make sure to confirm that your host/server meets the requirements before requesting an installation, as the fee is non-refundable once we begin.

You can view the system requirements and get helpful information on choosing a web host in the Introduction to Installation and Upgrade in the Users Manual....

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60. Entry Archives

Six Apart User Manual, Manuals, 71 KB, 1457 words

A container tag whose contents will be displayed if the entry in context was posted on a different day than the following/next entry in the list.

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