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21. Search Engine Placement

MezzoBlue, Tutorials, 10 KB, 462 words

The introduction to this piece has been lost thanks to a Safari caching error. The rest of it should make sense with a little guesswork. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When we start to look at more generic terms like ‘ css', there are obviously far more sites that qualify for high placement. The full first page of results for ‘ css' on Google are relevant and deserve to be there, except for possibly the current result #10 - Doctor Dobb's Journal is running Eric Meyer's CSS Reference Guide as a feature right now, but it's the only item on their home page pertaining to CSS.

At the time of writing, the Zen Garden sits in spot #9 on...

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22. Considering the nofollow Attribute

Don't Back Down, Tutorials, 14 KB, 917 words

The world is afire this morning with talk of the announcements by Six Apart and the three major search engines ( Google, MSN and Yahoo) to support a new HTML attribute named nofollow (in full, rel="nofollow"). By adding this attribute to your link anchors, the search engines will no longer consider the linking page as a component of the linked page's rank.

The idea is a simple one: Add this attribute to all link tags that you don't want to contribute to the rank of the linked page. For instance, comments and trackbacks, which are submitted to your site by users, are by their very nature considered "unknowns". Adding this attribute to those tags means you don't "stand up" for the value...

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23. My Week at Web 2.0

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 14 KB, 546 words

As promised, I offer some brief impressions of the Web 2.0 conference that O'Reilly held last week in San Francisco. A very worthwhile conference with a buzz I've never quite experienced before. There's definitely a lot of life right now in our space and O'Reilly and Battelle were able to capture it well.

That Stepford Feeling

Picture a combination of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Stepford Wives. But instead of aliens or robots, they were Yahoo! and Google employees. Where did all my friends go and who are these people now wearing purple and yellow?

On my panel I made a comment about how after this last week at the conference, I think Web 2.0 is about consolidation....

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24. QuickTags Part II

Movalog, Tutorials, 33 KB, 1508 words

UPDATE: I had pulled out the functionality to check spelling with this toolbar, well I've put back the functionality. Just download the quicktags.js file that coressponds to your version of MT again and re-upload it. A new button called "Dict." will appear that will query a highlighted word to !

Please go to the MT 2.x instructions to fix a problem with the Quicktags not aligning properly.

This tutorial will allow you to have the Quicktags I described in my previous entry but is not restricted to MT 3.01D.

The files you will need:


The MT 2.x Version | The MT 3.x Version

Upload the quicktags js file to your staticwebpath - ie the same folder than...

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25. DOM Design Tricks II

A List Apart, Tutorials, 26 KB, 2089 words

In this tutorial, we'll use the event-handling capabilities of the Document Object Model (DOM) to make some minor improvements to the expanding menu that we developed in a previous tutorial. [Truth in advertising: these improvements are borderline cute; their real purpose is to serve as a vehicle to introduce the concepts of events and nodes.]

In the previous tutorial, we discussed using the CSS display property to make an expanding menu like the one below. In that tutorial, only the small plus or minus sign images were clickable. However, if you try the menu below, you'll see that all the words in the main headings are active and clickable; not just the...

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26. ProNet: September 2004 Archives

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 93 KB, 8407 words


Behind the Scenes - Brenna Koch

Behind The Scenes is a new series where we here at Six Apart discuss what tools (software, technology, etc.) we use to do our work.

I'm Brenna Koch and I work in technical support for Six Apart. If you're curious, "Cook" is how you pronounce my last name. I usually hear "Cotch" since that's how it is said in some areas and I also hear more ah... interesting variations. But now you know.

We have many browsers around in the support department but my favorite is Safari. I utilize keyboard commands with my bookmarks bar for fast access on the sites I use all the time like my test weblogs and pages in the help system...

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27. How to Speed Up Publishing in Movable Type

Six Apart Pronet Articles, Tutorials, 22 KB, 2467 words

For those who aren't using the dynamic publishing feature of Movable Type (see below), experiencing slow rebuild times is not an infrequent complaint especially as the size or complexity of the blog and its templates grows. While there are very good reasons to rebuild, there are no good reasons for it to be painfully slow.

In this essay, we will detail a number of reasons why your rebuild times might be slow and steps you can take to drastically reduce or completely eliminate the time you spend waiting for Movable Type to finish its work.

Upgrade to Movable Type 3

Has anything significant happened to you in the 16 months? Probably so. Well, the same can be said for Movable...

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28. Build a Search Engine in PERL

A List Apart, Tutorials, 21 KB, 2682 words

It's hard to work in the web business nowadays without hearing about Perl. (It's hard to work in the web business nowadays, period, but that's another story.) Perl is one of the most popular languages in use today, is completely free, open sourced, and supported by an extremely enthusiastic community.

In addition to the core features of the language, numerous modules and scripts are available on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network ( CPAN).

These ready–made scripts include everything from streaming MP3 servers to hooks into news clients, while the modules offer powerful generic functionality for almost any task imaginable. Everything on CPAN is completely...

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29. I take the bait

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 33 KB, 2319 words

A good friend is often one's harshest critic. This came to mind while reading this post Jason Kottke writes about the "New Internet" and, more specifically, Six Apart's role in creating "a black hole for creative people". I can feel comfortable in debating his opinion because I respect Jason as a friend and a peer and, in the past, have questioned him privately on his opinion of what makes a respectable company. Because of this relationship and my respect of his opinion, I've decided to break the perceived Six Apart oath of silence (you should see the initiation ritual!) and respond to his post.

Jason writes:

A person who -- when she was unemployed 3 years ago -- could spend a couple...

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30. LMT Links

Learning Movable Type, Links, 43 KB, 2483 words

by Category | by Date


Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist - MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist Birdhouse notes on Comment Spam - Why this web host is forcing comment registration Blacklist to Mod Security - by Peter Wood Brad Choate: SpamLookup - anti-spam plugin Interview with a Comment Spammer - The Register's interview with a blog comment spammer. MT-Approval Plugin - Prevents comment spam from spam bots MT-DSBL Open Proxy Comment Filter - from Brad Choate MT-Moderate - Plugin for moderating trackbacks and comments from Chad Everett Mod Rewrite to Block Bot Spam - Mod Rewrite method to divert comment spam bots to a 403...

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31. Supernova workshops

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 16 KB, 364 words

Congrats to Kevin Werbach on organizing yet another successful Supernova. Having been lucky enough to attend the first two West Coast editions, it's great to see the gathering getting stronger by the year...

Yesterday I was part of the workshops on microformats and business blogging. The microformats session was a great introduction to the value of distributed, structured content, and coincided with the launch of Six Apart has been part of the development of the hReview specification, and yesterday I gave a (very) quick introduction to that spec, and demonstrated how the combination of Movable Type's weblog templating language and support for alternate application templates makes it easy for power users to customize their MT install and turn it into a product review machine....

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32. A Different Type of Tchotchke

Six Apart Mena's Corner, News, 16 KB, 385 words

In the CNN interview I just wrote about, I'm speaking about weblogging to one distinct audience. When I do an interview, I have to take in account the audience and how much or how little they have been exposed to different types of weblogs. Most of the time, I make the assumption that -- for the most part -- exposure has been limited to political weblogs or weblogs of those who are trying to reach larger audiences. I also assume that the average Joe or Jane is going to read the article and will want to understand how weblogging can be incorporated into their own lives.

Sometimes, however, I am given the chance to talk about what we're doing with a different type of audience. Take,...

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33. Instapundit's ad policy

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 86 words

Blog star Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame posted his own advertising policy for his site last week, establishing some sane and reasonable guidelines for advertising on his site. It's a good step towards transparency, and will hopefully act as a useful template for future policy posts by other bloggers who are contemplating adding advertising to their sites.


Previous Entry: What web services should Yahoo offer?

Next Entry: A Blogumentary history of blogs

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34. LMT No Longer Supporting RSS 1.0

Learning Movable Type, News, 14 KB, 197 words

If you are using to access the newsfeed for Learning Movable Type, please change to or (this feed includes updates to new comments) for your feed. I will no longer be releasing a .rdf newsfeed. If you use My Yahoo to get your LMT feed, you'll need to resubscribe here.

If you are currently subscribing to, that feed is no longer showing new comments. If you would like to continue to see when new comments are added to entries, change your feed to

Thanks! Have you found the tutorials at...

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35. EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 13 KB, 94 words

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's just released their Legal Guide for Bloggers, which is a must-read reference if you're concerned with the legal requirements and obligations surrounding publishing online.

Topics covered include liability, intellectual property and defamation, and the information provided is well worth bookmarking for reference for your peers or clients who ask questions about the legal implications of joining the blogosphere.


Previous Entry: Out and About in San Francisco

Next Entry: goes to Yahoo

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36. Google Sitemaps

Murky, Tutorials, 23 KB, 423 words

A while ago, google launched their sitemap protocol. A sitemap is an XML file which points at all the pages on the site and helps google to index the site efficiently.

It indicates to google which pages are updated frequently, how important pages are (within the site) and so forth.

If you're running movabletype as I am, you won't get a sitemap template by default, even if you're using MT3.2. Never fear! You can 'borrow' my sitemap index template.

You may need to modify it if you're using different types of archive to me. Be aware that the priority tag is only important in the context of your site, you can't improve your ranking by giving things a silly...

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37. Choosing a SQLite database for Movable Type

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 128 words

Tim Appnel's written up a rousing endorsement of SQLite as the database of choice for those running Movable Type, especially on local staging environments.

One of Movable Type's strengths is in supporting multiple databases, and Tim makes a good case that the portability, convenience, and simplicity of SQLite should make it your first choice.


Ogawa::Hacks - Benchmark: Importing Multiple Entries - March 2, 2005 10:59 PMThis benchmark is intended to make clear the performance characteristics of the underlying DB engines which can be used by Movable Type. I recognize this is not a typical transaction for Movable Type....

Previous Entry: TypePad UK Launches

Next Entry:...

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38. WSJ on Blog Search Engines

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 127 words

Vauhini Vara of the Wall Street Journal has published a look at all the new blog search engines that have popped up in recent years, including Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket, DayPop, BlogPulse, Bloglines, and stalwarts such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

The challenge facing a lot of these search engines is outlined in the article:

The new services, some of which are less than a year old, aren't without their glitches. The technology is still evolving and companies are still looking for the best way to track and sort blogs. Some services miss large numbers of blogs, while others pull up irrelevant sites.


Previous Entry: Technorati launches Blog Finder

Next Entry:...

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39. Changed files in MT 3.17

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 221 words

You may have noticed that we just announced the release of Movable Type 3.17 over on the MT News blog. This release is a small bug fix release in terms of changes, but an important one for those who are affected by the bugs.

If you're running MT 3.16 and would like to upgrade to this release with the minimum of hassle, you can simply upload the following changed files: • docs/ (a number of files) • README.txt • lib/ • lib/MT/ • lib/MT/App/ • lib/MT/ • lib/MT/Template/ • mt-db2sql.cgi • php/mt.php • plugins/nofollow/README.txt • plugins/nofollow/ • plugins/nofollow/tmpl/nofollow.tmpl • tmpl/cms/edit_comment.tmpl

For those of you on international versions, you...

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40. Appnel's Apps

Six Apart ProNet Weblog, News, 14 KB, 159 words

Award-winning Movable Type plugin developer Tim Appnel's just launched a new code section on his Appnel Internet Solutions site, where he's launched a number of powerful new plugins and updated a bunch of his existing plugins.

Among the new releases is Feeds.App, a complete rewrite of the popular mt-rssfeed plugin, with a host of new features and an updated user interface that integrates directly into Movable Type.

In addition to the new plugins, which are available in a variety of licenses ranging from free, to free for personal use with a donation suggested, to a paid license for commerical uses which includes support, Tim's linked to his contributions to CPAN, where he's been...

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